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Friday, July 30, 2004

Beating Sonnet into Submission 

This is what I had to do as I was blocking the pieces, which I did last Friday night (I know, I kick it hardcore on weekends). I think I measures my gauge a little off, so the body was pretty long - like, an extra six inches long. So I was literally smacking the pieces to try to mold them to the proper dimensions. Since I was trying to scrunch up such a large amount of fabric, I ended up with some ripples. Hopefully it'll look alright when I finish putting it all together. If not, I guess I can try to reblock it when I'm finished seaming (??). The strange thing is that I feel like the sleeves are a little short - when I try them on, they come right below my wrists.

Due to some emotional craziness this week, I did not finish sewing up Sonnet on Sunday as I intended to. I've been making some slow progress this week, stitching while watching the political rhetoric on the telly. So she should be finished this weekend - thrilling! I do need to find some buttons, though. I'll have to decide whether to go the Repro Depot route or not.

I have indulged and started on Doris and let me tell you, she's coming out beautifully. The color combination looks great, great contrast and the Candy FX gives the fabric a silky feel. I've never worked with ribbon yarn before, and it is a bit of an adjustment. I feel as if I'm knitting very slowly with it but that's alright. I was flying through those last bits of Sonnet becase I was so anxious to be finished. This, I'm taking my time with.

In other exciting news, I'll be going to Maine for work in two weeks! In a cold state like that, there has to be some good yarn shopping. Plus, I love to meet people with accents. If anyone has any recommendations, yarn or otherwise, in the Augusta and Bangor areas, let me know.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

This is the background yarn I"m going to make my Doris in.  Posted by Hello

The FX yarn in some nice ocean-y colors Posted by Hello

Completed Doris in different colors from the Berroco website. So pretty!  Mine will be in different shades but I like how many possibilities there are with this tank. Posted by Hello

Saturday, July 17, 2004

It's another Saturday night and I got lots of knitting... 

My neighborhood has turned into its usual Saturday night debacle of yuppie barhopping. As always, I pass by dolled up girls and guys to return some videos and get back home to do some knitting. The Boy is busy tonight, which I was initially sad about but now it will inspire me to keep plugging away. Progress continues on Sonnet, I'm more than halfway done with the first sleeve. I'm determined to finish it by tomorrow! Otherwise I will consider myself a knitting slacker and we wouldn't want that now, would we?

Today my next project impulses overwhelmed me. Even though I probably already have enough yarn to make a summer top, I decided that I absolutely needed to make Doris my next project. She's so pretty, isn't she? The background yarn is half shiny blue, half grey and the effects yarn variagates between blue and green. The finished product will have a really nice depth of color, like all of the colors of the ocean in one little top. I'm very excited, especially since i'm trying to break out of my I-wear-only-black-pink-and-red thing. The unfortunate part is that Doris is going to be the most expensive tank top ever. I hate to bitch about it all the time, but damn, yarn is 'spensive.  Buying the supplies for this really took up a very large chunk of my discretionary income for the month. I hate having an expensive hobby. It could be worse though, I once heard a story on the radio about these guys who were into building planes, which is like $30,000 or $300,000 or something insane. My yarn purchases haven't gotten to that point yet...So after Doris, I'm going to use up what's in my little stash. Yeah, take that!

I would like to point out some fun products - They had these Alchemy yarns of Transformation at the store today. Total hippie vibe, but they're gorgeous. Amazing colors. Check out the flake yarn, it's so much fun! It looks sorta like those plastic hawaiian leis and would totaly make really fun scarves. Look for it at a yarn store near year.

Off for some SNL and sleeve making, woo!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

This is my sweater 

Some of you who have been knitting for a long time may not remember how amazing it can be to say those words and mean it in every sense.  Currently, I'm working on my first sweater - only have a sleeve and a half left and I'm actually surprised at how gratified I feel when I look at it and think "my hands created every single one of those stitches."  I've done many other crafts before but I've never felt so proud of what I've created. 

So what is this sweater, you ask.  Well, it's the Sonnet from Fall 03 Knitty done in black Cotton Angora yarn.  I wanted it to be a semi-light spring/fall cardigan to go with everything but it may actually end up being heavier and warmer than I originally thought.  Review of the pattern: really easy, great for a beginner.  The only problem is that the pattern stitch that's listed for the box stitch is wrong (if you did what it said, you would end up with a panel of ribbing in your sweater).  I'm not exactly sure what box stitch is so I made it into little checkerboxes.  I like the patterning but I'm not sure if I'm going to like it on me.  I'll see when I'm done - yes, sadly I may end up giving away my first real sweater.  Such is life.  Review of the yarn: It's very soft and drapey and shows the pattern very well.  The part that I've found to be very disappointing with it is that it sheds like CRAZY.  When I rub my hand over the completed body, huge tufts come off in my hand.  It's like holding a baby rabbit.  After knitting, I have fluff all over my clothes and, worst off all, up my nose!  I was pretty surprised about badly it shed since I've seen this yarn praised all over the place.  Take heed, knitters.

At this point, I think I'm in what I've seen others refer to as "sleeve hell."  I don't mind doing the sleeves as I feel like I'm accomplishing alot fairly quickly but just tend to have a short attention span with them.  I'm finding my thoughts straying to my next project and I'm even considering casting on...I can't let myself do it though because I know I will never finish Sonnet if I do.  So onwards I go, hoping to be finished in a week-ish.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Coveted Patterns 

Vintage Style


Ribbon Twist F/W 04

Shimmer 5

White Lies Designs
Sarah's Shawl-Collared Cardigan
Shapely Tank

Jean Moss
Lautrec Bolero
Rapunzel Jacket

Bad Penny
Rosedale United
Very Cherry
Skating Queen
Tie One On
Spring Fling

Stitch N Bitch
Marsupial Tote
Tank Girl
Go Everywhere Cardigan

Stitch N Bitch Nation (pardon the vague descriptions, I don't have the book and don't know the exact names)
Fluffy Russian-ish Hat
Flower Ear/Neckwarmer
Fair Isle Cardigan
Flower Power (sans flower and avec fun yarn)
Lucky Clover Cardigan
Tie-Waist Sweater
Accidentally on Purpose
Bowling bag
50's ish Rectangle Bag
Loopy Pillow

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

100 Things About Me 

Because you've been clamoring for it...

1. I learned to knit in the spring of 2002 but didn't get really into it until January 2004.
2. My obsession was fueled by my roommate getting me the Stitch N Bitch book for a Hanukkah/graduation present.
3. Previous to this time, I did not know that you turn your work after finishing a row.
4. I was born in Pittsburgh and lived there for two non-consecutive chunks totaling 7 years.
5. I also lived in South Florida for 11 years.
6. I hate South Florida.
7. I currently live in a pretty hip neighborhood in Washington, DC.
8. I'd eventually like to live on the West coast not only because I love it but because I think I'd really regret it if I didn't for at least a portion of my life.
9. I am an NPR junkie.
10. I hate Seinfeld.
11. I really, really, really want a dog.
12. My fantasy is to get a girl puppy and name her Twyla.
13. Neither my life or income is stable enough right now for me to be able to make a 12 or 15 year commitment to anything, much less another living creature.
14. I have been a vegetarian for 5 years.
15. I was a non-committed vegan for about 9 months but gave it up when I went on a trip to Israel.
16. I became a vegetarian because of my health, my objections to the factory farming system and my belief that meat and animal products are no longer necessary for human survival.
17. I refuse to wear thong underwear on principle.
18. My infatuation with monkeys started when I was in middle school, when my good friend and I started randomly inserting the word into our sentences.
19. My favorite monkey is the bonobo.
20. I want to found a revolutionary philosophy based on the bonobo lifestyle called Bonoboism.
21. I now refer to my boyfriend as "monkey," "monkster" or "monks."
22. He actually answers to these names.
23. I met my boyfriend at a bar, which just goes to prove that you can meet nice, kind, amazingly wonderful people in these establishments.
24. My infatuation with the color pink started when I was a sophomore or junior in high school. Before then, I hated it.
25. I think I became really attracted to it because I wanted to be more overtly feminine.
26. Most of my outfits include pink, black or red, often together.
27. My brother lives in Jerusalem but will be moving to the West Bank in the fall.
28. I have an excellent copy of Purple Rain on vinyl that includes a poster of Prince and his band at the time in their full 80's, purple regalia.
29. I graduated from college in 3 1/2 years.
30. My major was Sociology and my minor was Communication.
31. Since I've graduated, I really am straongly disinclined to return to college campus, even if it's for events, like concerts or conference, that I would strongly enjoy.
32. I participated in the Semester at Sea program in Fall 2002, where I essentially sailed around the world.
33. It was totally sweet.
34. I'm pretty well-traveled for someone my age.
35. The countries I've been to are Canada, Mexico, England, the Czech Republic, Israel, Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil and Cuba.
36. I took French for 4 1/2 years.
37. I finally visited France in February 2005 and was pleasantly surprised that my accent was still pretty good.
38. I also took a cross-country trip with one of my good friends where we traveled almost entirely by Greyhound bus.
39. This qualifies us for some super hardcore award.
40. I have been a voracious reader ever since I was a child.
41. Last year, I bought a corn cob pipe.
42. I take great pleasure in knowing how to get around my city on foot and by public transportation and love giving directions to others. Sometimes I approach people who look lost just so I can give them directions.
43. Sometimes I like how everything is politicized in this city and people are really informed about politics but sometimes I think it goes too far.
44. I'm not exactly sure where all of my political values lie these days but I broadly define myself as an anti-capitalist.
45. I haven't figured out what I think could replace capitalism yet, though.
46. My feminist beliefs are also very important to me and I will probably spend most of my life working on women's issues.
47. George W. Bush has made a mockery of any value that we have as Americans and as world citizens.
48. I've been at most of the major protests held in DC since I moved here.
49. The best was the March for Women's Lives, which was absolutely massive.
50. I'm a really good burper.
51. I would like to be in better shape.
52. Sometimes I can be oblivious to other people when I'm trying to accomplish things, which I consider to be a weak point.
53. I am a very disorganized person except for my CD collection, which is kept in meticulous alphabetical order, and my financial records.
54. I'm really into music, particularly that of the indie, garage, hip-hop, electro-pop, pop, and general rock n roll varieties.
55. I love to find good new music, but neither this search nor obscure music trivia rule my life.
56. I have been into crafty and creative things ever since I was a child.
57. I bought my sewing machine in 5th grade with a gift certificate I won from a local call-in homework help show.
58. I was never very good at finishing the projects that I would sew.
59. I did, however, succeed at making a throw blanket-sized quilt almost entirely by hand.
60. I never was as good at any of the other crafts I dabbled in as I am with knitting.
61. I do still do a little sewing, mostly deconstruction/reconstruction of clothes.
62. If I have enough money, I plan to volunteer in India for a few months at the beginning of 2005 - I accomplished this and actually ended up teaching knitting to two women's groups in the Himalayan foothills. You can read some about my trip my India Trip Blog.
63. I would love to have a job that required travel to India, or most other places for that matter.
64. I took two semesters of sign language in high school.
65. I really want to learn Spanish now, especially since I hear it around me so much every single day.
66. I know very, very little about HTML; many of the revisions done to this website were done with the help of a work copy of Dreamweaver, which I also know very little about and significant trial and error.
67. My favorite Nintendo game is Karate Champ.
68. My dad, brother and I all stand in the same backwards hands on our hips way.
69. My brother and I are very close and very alike in our basic outlooks and attitudes.
70. In high school, I tried to start a trend where "barb" would become a synonym for Mom because it's my mom's name and it seems to just fit.
71. It caught on with my friends, who referred to their moms as barb 2, barb 3, etc but that was about as far as it went.
72. I have criticisms about the institutions of marriage but think that gay marriage is way cute.
73. I could eat a burrito anytime, anywhere. I constantly crave them.
74. My favorite t-shirt is magenta and says "This is no ordinary housewife you're dealing with."
75. My hair is naturally curly and dark brown.
76. It is currently a nice auburnish color.
77. I consider my hair to be one of my defining characteristics and part of my personality.
78. When I was in 4th grade, my hairdresser gave me an awful, awful mullet.
79. My nickname as it was growing out was Fro, because that's what it turned into.
80. I am not very punctual but I'm working on it.
81. I am, however, good with punctuation.
82. I am very verbose.
83. My favorite restaurant is Mad Mex in Pittsburgh, home of the delectable Chick Pea Chili Burrito.
84. I really, really like riding the Metro (the DC subway).
85. I have been taking more outdoors-y trips and adventures since I met my boyfriend. .
86. I wish I could paint the walls in my apartment.
87. I am Jewish; there are things about the religion that I think are beautiful and some things that I find disgraceful.
88. I am, however, interested in developing a better sense of spirituality.
89. Sometimes my Jewish identity makes me feel like a real outsider in mainstream American culture.
90. Finding humor in a situation should trump every other consideration.
91. I'm generally a happy, non moody kind of person.
92. I sneeze and laugh really loud.
93. I do not own a car and would like to continue not having one for as long as possible.
94. The day I get a Vespa Scooter will be the day I'm finally the coolest chick in town.
95. I watch the Simpsons semi-religiously.
96. I have to travel at least half an hour to get to any kind of yarn store.
97. I have a very close and special relationship with my aunt and, because of my frequent visits to her house as a child, I have a special fondness for the city of Chicago.
98. I am concerned with international and domestic reproductive rights.
99. I'm good at folding maps.
100. My favorite Peaches lyrics is a toss up between "My labia majora, dancin' the hora, soft as angora, you can't ignore-a it" and "Are the motherfuckers ready for the fatherfuckers? Are the fatherfuckers ready for the motherfuckers? Are the motherfuckers ready for the fatherfuckers? No."