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Friday, July 30, 2004

Beating Sonnet into Submission 

This is what I had to do as I was blocking the pieces, which I did last Friday night (I know, I kick it hardcore on weekends). I think I measures my gauge a little off, so the body was pretty long - like, an extra six inches long. So I was literally smacking the pieces to try to mold them to the proper dimensions. Since I was trying to scrunch up such a large amount of fabric, I ended up with some ripples. Hopefully it'll look alright when I finish putting it all together. If not, I guess I can try to reblock it when I'm finished seaming (??). The strange thing is that I feel like the sleeves are a little short - when I try them on, they come right below my wrists.

Due to some emotional craziness this week, I did not finish sewing up Sonnet on Sunday as I intended to. I've been making some slow progress this week, stitching while watching the political rhetoric on the telly. So she should be finished this weekend - thrilling! I do need to find some buttons, though. I'll have to decide whether to go the Repro Depot route or not.

I have indulged and started on Doris and let me tell you, she's coming out beautifully. The color combination looks great, great contrast and the Candy FX gives the fabric a silky feel. I've never worked with ribbon yarn before, and it is a bit of an adjustment. I feel as if I'm knitting very slowly with it but that's alright. I was flying through those last bits of Sonnet becase I was so anxious to be finished. This, I'm taking my time with.

In other exciting news, I'll be going to Maine for work in two weeks! In a cold state like that, there has to be some good yarn shopping. Plus, I love to meet people with accents. If anyone has any recommendations, yarn or otherwise, in the Augusta and Bangor areas, let me know.