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Saturday, July 17, 2004

It's another Saturday night and I got lots of knitting... 

My neighborhood has turned into its usual Saturday night debacle of yuppie barhopping. As always, I pass by dolled up girls and guys to return some videos and get back home to do some knitting. The Boy is busy tonight, which I was initially sad about but now it will inspire me to keep plugging away. Progress continues on Sonnet, I'm more than halfway done with the first sleeve. I'm determined to finish it by tomorrow! Otherwise I will consider myself a knitting slacker and we wouldn't want that now, would we?

Today my next project impulses overwhelmed me. Even though I probably already have enough yarn to make a summer top, I decided that I absolutely needed to make Doris my next project. She's so pretty, isn't she? The background yarn is half shiny blue, half grey and the effects yarn variagates between blue and green. The finished product will have a really nice depth of color, like all of the colors of the ocean in one little top. I'm very excited, especially since i'm trying to break out of my I-wear-only-black-pink-and-red thing. The unfortunate part is that Doris is going to be the most expensive tank top ever. I hate to bitch about it all the time, but damn, yarn is 'spensive.  Buying the supplies for this really took up a very large chunk of my discretionary income for the month. I hate having an expensive hobby. It could be worse though, I once heard a story on the radio about these guys who were into building planes, which is like $30,000 or $300,000 or something insane. My yarn purchases haven't gotten to that point yet...So after Doris, I'm going to use up what's in my little stash. Yeah, take that!

I would like to point out some fun products - They had these Alchemy yarns of Transformation at the store today. Total hippie vibe, but they're gorgeous. Amazing colors. Check out the flake yarn, it's so much fun! It looks sorta like those plastic hawaiian leis and would totaly make really fun scarves. Look for it at a yarn store near year.

Off for some SNL and sleeve making, woo!