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Thursday, July 15, 2004

This is my sweater 

Some of you who have been knitting for a long time may not remember how amazing it can be to say those words and mean it in every sense.  Currently, I'm working on my first sweater - only have a sleeve and a half left and I'm actually surprised at how gratified I feel when I look at it and think "my hands created every single one of those stitches."  I've done many other crafts before but I've never felt so proud of what I've created. 

So what is this sweater, you ask.  Well, it's the Sonnet from Fall 03 Knitty done in black Cotton Angora yarn.  I wanted it to be a semi-light spring/fall cardigan to go with everything but it may actually end up being heavier and warmer than I originally thought.  Review of the pattern: really easy, great for a beginner.  The only problem is that the pattern stitch that's listed for the box stitch is wrong (if you did what it said, you would end up with a panel of ribbing in your sweater).  I'm not exactly sure what box stitch is so I made it into little checkerboxes.  I like the patterning but I'm not sure if I'm going to like it on me.  I'll see when I'm done - yes, sadly I may end up giving away my first real sweater.  Such is life.  Review of the yarn: It's very soft and drapey and shows the pattern very well.  The part that I've found to be very disappointing with it is that it sheds like CRAZY.  When I rub my hand over the completed body, huge tufts come off in my hand.  It's like holding a baby rabbit.  After knitting, I have fluff all over my clothes and, worst off all, up my nose!  I was pretty surprised about badly it shed since I've seen this yarn praised all over the place.  Take heed, knitters.

At this point, I think I'm in what I've seen others refer to as "sleeve hell."  I don't mind doing the sleeves as I feel like I'm accomplishing alot fairly quickly but just tend to have a short attention span with them.  I'm finding my thoughts straying to my next project and I'm even considering casting on...I can't let myself do it though because I know I will never finish Sonnet if I do.  So onwards I go, hoping to be finished in a week-ish.  Wish me luck.