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Thursday, August 26, 2004

A couple quick things 

Firstly, go see Garden State. It's a fabulous film- funny, poignant, original. Great music, including Cobra favorite The Shins. In it, Peter Sarsgaard officially establishes himself as the creepiest actor in Hollywood. Yeah, he way surpasses Christopher Walken, especially after his turn as a rapist in Boys Don't Cry. This part is not even close to that but he still has dead eyes. After you see the movie, go to Zach Braff's Garden State Blog. Man, I get excited if a get one comment on my blog; his entries usually garner over 1000! I will get there someday...ha.

Secondly, check out this awesome WWII reproduction Knit Kit from the Red Cross. It's totally cute and includes everything you need to dive into sock-making, including olive drab yarn. If you already have all the yarn and needles that you need, you can get copies of the knitting patterns they used in their nationwide knitting campaigns here.

Thricely, I realized that I really like doing the mattress stitch. It moves quickly and is very straightforward- I know exactly where the needle is going to go. I guess that means that I'm lucky and haven't inherited an anti-finishing gene like others have. Probably comes from my sewing background.

Have a great weekend, I know I'm going to be kickin' it.