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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Decisions were made 

Yes folks, some important knitting decisions were made this week. The biggest one - phew - is that I'm going to rip out Sonnet. Not today, Not tomorrow but someday, my first sweater will someday be a bunch of expensive, fluffy yarn balls again. Yes, it is my first sweater and I put, like, three months into it but I really figured out that I'm not happy with it, not the style or the fit. I'd hate for it just to languish in my closet so I'm going to start all over again. I'm going to play with the gauge and make it into the Go Everywhere cardigan from Stitch N Bitch, which is actually what I wanted to make in the first place but my crochet-phobia got in the way. Now the yarn will return to its destined path - it's really a beautiful thing.

The crochet-phobia, like Sonnet, is also a thing of the past. Due the kindness of one of our DC Stitch n Bitchers, I was able to conquer this fear! I had crocheted in the past but wasn't very good about it and had a lingering fear of it since. Completely unfounded, it's so so easy. I used it to - drumroll please - finish Doris!! She's so pretty and delicate, this is the time when I really wish I had a digi camera. Someday soon, readers. Question in the comments as to the whereabout of the pattern on the Berroco Website. It's not a free pattern, it's in Berroco #223, Multiple Choice, and you can find more info about it here.

I also got my yarn for the DC SnB Kyoto Sweater Extravaganza over the weekend. The sash portion will be black and the top will be a very pastel minty type green color. We're not supposed to start until Thursday but we're going to be doing some driving this weekend, I might have to dig in...I may be good, though, and make the scarf for Cobra instead. You may see on the sidebar that I've changed its name to the HCPFR Scarf. This goes back to my high school days when these letters stood for Hard Core Punk Fuckin' Rock. That's because I convinced him to let me through in some rock n roll style ladders as Share demonstrated the other day and some crossed stitches. Basically, it's going to be awesome and I'm really excited to start on it.

As I write this, Arnold's schticky speech at the RNC is absolutely intolerable and the Bush twins are moronic. "We're not very political because we're too busy being drunken sluts, ha ha." Oh, the shame I carry by sharing my name with one of them. It all makes me want to puke up my delicious peanut butter and jelly smoothie.