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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Savory things 

Last night, I revealed my blog to Cobra, my lovely boy-style companion. He was jealous and decided that he now wants his own website. Then he requested that I post this picture of him.

Practice SAT Analogy
Jenna: Knitting :: Cobra : Motorcycles.

Although those fast flying needles can get a little treacherous at times, my hobby is a little less dangerous. But just as hardcore.

The hottest knitting-related news of all is I finished seaming Sonnet. My little baby is all grown up! The thing is...I'm not sure if I like how it looks on me. I should probably not make up my mind until I put the buttons on because it's very, well, droopy without them and doesn't hold its shape on its own. Perhaps I should have figured this out when I bought the yarn, woopsies. I'll play with it some more, I'm not giving up on you yet, Sonnet!

I'm up to the armhole shaping on the front of Doris, moving along. I'm going pretty slowly with her for a few reasons. I've been using some of my leisure time to read, particularly the new David Sedaris book (which, sadly, is more poignant than hilarious). The price of the materials is also making me want to enjoy the process of makng the top. Logistically, I'm still getting used to working with the ribbon yarn and it's slowing my down a bit. I'd also say that I'm holding off on buying yarn for a little while but I think that the DC Stitch N Bitch Kyoto extravaganza will be starting soon and I'll need to get yarn for that, so there goes my savings...

Sleepy now, maybe I'll ramble about the Smithsonian and annoying tourists later.