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Monday, September 20, 2004

Unfortunately, my real life had to intervene this week and prevent me from doing much knitting or blogging. For work, we brought in a group of activists in for the weekend, did some organizing training and sent them up to Capitol Hill today to do some lobbying. As you might imagine, I was a little crazy and stressed this week leading up to it. The worst part was that my sleep was all messed up. But now - it's over! It went great! Huzzah!

Since I worked all weekend, I'm taking tomorrow off of work. I feel like I might be getting a little sick but if I'm for it, I'm going to head down to the opening ceremonies of the new Museum of the American Indian down on the Mall. It should be pretty amazing, there's supposed to be a procession of over 15,000 Native Americans to the entrance! I'll be sure to report back if I go.

Of course, this past weekend a far more important event occurred - the DC Knit Out! While I was a few hours last due to our activist training, I still got to hang out with all of the knitters on the Mall and have a really fun time. After checking out the tables from some of the LYS's (fortunately for my yarn diet, no sales are allowed on the Mall), I headed over to the fashion show tent. And who happened to sit a few rows in front of me? Why, none other than Lauren! Yes, my first real life blogger meeting! We had a lovely time chatting about our feelings on ponchos and Fun Fur our non-knitting mothers send us. She was a total sweetheart, I hope we can get together again sometime soon. She even put a picture of me up on her blog. I was trying to look very intent but I think I end up looking like a bit of a doofus. Take a close look at my pin though, can you guess what it's made from? After that, I went over the Charity Corner where some DC SnBers were crocheting together some granny squares to make donation blankets. Soooooo fuuuun!

Progress is also continuing on Kyoto. I have about 4 inches done on the bottom sash portion. I'm going to make it a little longer than the pattern calls for. Woops, I also started making it in single seed instead of double. Oh well, I like the way it looks and I'm sticking with it. Take that!