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Saturday, October 02, 2004

The HCPFR Scarf 

Last week, I got a bit bored with the monotonous k1p1 of Kyoto's sash. The night before, Cobra had mentioned to me that his rides on the motorcycle were starting to get a little chilly. Indeed, autumn has began here in DC and the night air, while pleasant to walk in, gets a little cold when you're riding through it at 50+ mph. So I brought out my size 11 needles and my black cashmere luxury aran from AC Moore (which you can see a picture of here on H's blog) and started casting on. After spending so many months really trying to master the skills I needed to read patterns, do shaping, basically FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS, I was ready to break out!

As I started on my furious stitching, I started channeling the great punks of the past...I thought about Sid Vicious, flying high on speed so that he could learn to play bass in one night...Debbie Harry pinning razor blades to the bottom of her dresses and fucking in CBGB's disgusting bathroom...Joe Strummer declaring his boredom with the USA...Iggy Pop cutting up his chest and rubbing the blood all over himself while bending over backwards exposing himself. I started making YO's and dropping stitches using the controlled ladder technique with the energy and whimsy the Ramones backed into their 2 minute classics, thinking how the dropped stitches looked like a scar from a teenage lobotomy. I added row upon row, increasing intensity like the increasingly anarchic viola in the Velvet Underground's Black Angel's Death Song. I took out my cable hook, grabbed stitches and pulled them left and right at will, at random, just as I had been pulled, pushed, shoved, elbowed at my first mosh pit at an Aus Rotten show when I was sixteen. These are cables that start and stop, going nowhere, no future for them. Did I care if my stitches were even? NO! Did I care if it lays flat? HELL NO!! I could take it or leave it each time. As with any perfect punk rock song, the overall impression is more important than the proficiency; I'm flaunting the holes, brambles, twists, ladders, imperfections. I'm breaking down the barrier of perfection with this scarf and I hope it's fascinating in its shock value. The Hard Core Punk Fuckin' Rock scarf is my three cord symphony!