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Monday, November 01, 2004

Color Me Neglectful 

.It has been a while indeed. Partially, this is because I spent a week in California last week for work. Yes, I got to return to San Francisco and drive around that beautiful land that I'd like to call home someday. But that's a little far off. While there, I stayed with a friend that I met on my trip to Israel this summer who lives in the Haight. The weather was mostly beautiful and, in the times that I wasn't driving, I got to see some of the unique features of that area. Over the weekend, my friends brought me to Muir Woods, where I saw these:

Yup, those are some big ass trees. Redwoods, namely, which I'd never seen before. The rain that was coming down added to the feeling of growth and nature doing its natural thing all around me.

We also went to a great Bolivian resturant one night called Pena Pachamama. In addition to some delicious eats, they had a flamenco group performing in the middle of the restaurant. The music was so passionate and beautiful and I was not disappointed by my first live flamenco dance perfomance.

Look at that intensity and that posture. I also found it very pleasing that they actually do say "ole!" while they are dancing.

Of course, as any good knitter would do, I also made a stop at the most fantastic Artfibers. Seriously, I walked into that store and immediately want to make sweet love to their happy little cones of yarn, even though it would have been difficult and a bit inappropriate. Their silks have the most amazing sheens and color combinations, and there was just an amazing range of textures. After careful, thoughtful deliberation (taking my strict budget into account), here's what I purchased:

They're all in a similar black and grey color family, so I'm thinking of combining them to make striped Paris Loop style capelet or some sort of wrap. I wanted to photograph these in natural light but I forgot that it's pitch f'ing black at 5:30 PM. I hate daylight savings time, I hate winter!!! I want to go back to California!!

Alright, moving on. I also took some time to work on Grasshopper and I'm happy to say that I'm almost done with the sash.

In the comments, Carolina asked what I think about the Cotton Classic yarn. I've seen some complaints about it beng uncomfortable on their hands but I haven't had that problem. I love the range of colors and stitch definition that the yarn has yielded and it's affordable to boot. If you want a lightweight sweater, I'd highly recommend it. I'm making my sash portion a bit longer than the pattern, so I've only got about two more inches to go and I'm very determined to finish this portion this week. Hopefully, it will happen but it's uncertain as I've been devoting much of my free time to plowing through this. Hey, there's knitting content in there! Hermione has started knitting hats and socks for the house elves in her continuing effort to liberate them. She occasionally uses magic to knit them up though, which is totally cheating.

I got home just in time for Halloween as I wanted to spend this most favorite of holidays with my love. Of course, I have the obligatory pictures of us all all decked out. Here's me as early Madonna and here's Cobra as Tyler Durden from Fight Club (you know that part where he pretends his boss beat him up? That's him).

India Trip Progress
This week, I made the deposit for my trip. Yes, it's actually going to happen now! This week, I have to do is pay the organization another couple thousand bucks (literally) and start looking for plane tickets. The issue that comes up there is should I take a week to stop over in Paris and visit my friend who's studying there for a semester. It seems to only add on another $200 so it totally seems worth it. I have to discuss this with said friend. Some of the home front matters have been taken care of as well, as I found someone to take my room in my apartment.
If you're interested in taking a similar trip, I'm going through an organization called Cross-Cultural Solution. I'll be going to their Rajgarh location. Check it out, you too can do some good in this crazy, messed-up world!

Speaking of which, tomorrow is the election that will have such a dramatic impact our place in the world. Please, don't forget to vote! That is, unless you're planning on voting for Bush. In that case, please forget to vote!