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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Sorry for the lame title, I've never been good with coming up with them. Anywhooz, I've been happily making some progress on Grasshopper lately. The best part is that I finally finished the sash, which took me just short of forever. Paired with the right top, I think this could actually be an cool accessory. Definitely a different kind of fashion statement, similar to those knitted corsets. I have another view of it, but I'll warn you that it's not the most flattering shot. Indeed, it's a prime example as to why you shouldn't let your goofy boyfriend take your blog pictures. Here it is.

Please pardon the big-style hair, I went to Bang today to get my hair cut. My stylist does a great job, but generally when I go to salons, they end up blow-drying my hair. Even with a diffuser, when a hair dryer gets near my locks, they end up big. Today, I feel like a member of Twisted Sister. What we suffer through for beauty.

Here's some more bits of Grasshopper. This absolutely thrilling square of stockinette stitch is destined to be the back of my sweater.

I've also started on one of the sleeves. I'll be working on these puppies for a while but hopefully I can get it during Thanksgiving (can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? I want my damn year back).

I posted some tips for this sweater over at Craftster the other day and I thought I would share them all with you, lovely readers.
What you cannot see in the pic is that the yarn has a slight variation of color in it, with some brown and purple tones popping up. They also have a great shimmer in those portions in between the zig zags, it's subtle but adds to my childlike fascination with the texture and composition of this yarn.
For all of you out there freaking out about holiday gifts, these would make fantastic gifts. Indeed, the lovely individual who is Becky Fluffa's secret pal utilized it to with a great result in some pretty mohair. I also think they'd look great in some thick and thin. Overall, biggest props for this pattern!

India Trip Progress
Mostly, my accomplishments with this week have been in parting with my money. I paid my portion of the program fee and I'll be buying my airline ticket this week. Even though I've been saving my money all year to do this, it's still very difficult to pay such large amounts at once. Otherwise, I have decided that I will do the week long stopover in Paris and I updated my resume to send to the organization. Next, I need to turn in my visa application and fill out the many forms for my volunteer placement.

On a separate note, I've been emailing with some really awesome bloggers this week. I wanted to thank them for their encouragement, it really means a lot to a lowly newbie like me. Peace out, all.