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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Indeed. And the world hates us.

Check out this post from Girlreaction. It's the rant about this country's impending theocracy that was brewing in my mind and stated in a better way than I can right now. I really have no words.

One bright side: our military resources are already stretched to the limit, which means we can't invade anymore countries!

My advice to everyone that's pissed: take your feelings and turn them into something constructive. Pick the issue that Bush makes you angriest about, then go organize, volunteer, join an organization that works on that issue, do all you can to counteract what he could do. As someone who works at a nonprofit and sees the toll that this economy takes on our programming and funding, I can honestly say that giving money can be a great help. This is our only strength for the next four years, so please do something!