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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Country Road, Take Me Home 

F'ing f. F'ing Blogger ate the post I've been working on all weekend. I knew I should've started writing them in word. So this post will only feature the gist of the previous one.

With me leaving in less than three weeks and generally running around like a crazy woman while dealing with the daily grind plus all of my trip preparations, time is at a premium. So in lieu of giving gifts to each other, Cobra and I decided to pool our cash and go away to a quaint little country cabin last weekend. Having time together just to relax is much more valuable to me right now than any particular object. On Saturday, after running around to get all of the necessary supplies (because they don't carry Tofurkey at no country Wal-Mart), we headed off to Luray, right in the Shenandoah valley. By the time we turned onto Power Dam Road, it was dark and we couldn't make out our surrondings. For the two city dwellers, it was a novelty in and of itself to be in a place with more than 3 rooms in one building by ourselves.

When we got up in the monring, we looked outside and it looked like this:

Our neighbors were goats, dogs and sheep. Cobra and I had fun walking and driving in the mountains, eating, sitting by the fireplace and shopping at antiques stores. We also enjoyed using this classy thing:

Whirly jets are fun. Here's some of the stuff I bought:

400 yards of wool plus an unfinished tapestry I got for $5. In the front, antique buttons, a few choices from the many that were there in the huge antique emporium. Also, some bamboo DPNs and Socka yarn.

Why new sock yarn when I shouldn't be spending any money?

I decided that sock will be my traveling in India project! Small, portable, not as big a deal if they get a bit dirty, will learn me some new skills. The big question: how many pairs can I make in two months? How much yarn should I buy before I leave?

India progress continues, big important things done, going to reserve a storage space this week and find out volunteer placement next week.

I'm going to try not to get bogged down in craziness this week, same to you.

Oh year, and after making a nefarious association between Lauren and Ralph Nader? I saw them both up close and personal on Friday. Very strange.