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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Guess who I saw today... 

Go ahead, take a little guess. It won't hurt now, will it?

No, it wasn't Ralph Nader, although I see him from time to time as his office is below mine.

No, it wasn't Dick Cheney either, although I saw him in his motorcade last week and really regretted not giving some sort of gesture.

It was a certain someone who just started working right around the corner from my office. A certain very cute blonde from Maryland...

Why, it was none other than Ms. Lolly Lauren! As I said, she works about 3 blocks from me now so we finally got together for a lovely lunch date. We just had such a pleasant time chatting, chatting, chatting -to the point where it distracted us while we were walking to get our burritos, going through the line, and eating! Strangely, we ended up touching on religion and politics, those big no-nos, but barely mentioned knitting. That's ok though because it means that we'll have lots of ground to cover in the future. If I'm lucky, she'll have her schoolwork done so that we can go see Debbie Stoller at Politics and Prose tomorrow. I'll probably go either way but it would make me extra happy if she joins me. As if you couldn't tell from her blog, she rocks. Period.

Like I said in my rant last time, I too have fallen prey to making some knitted gifts. Since the intended recipients don't even know this little corner of the internet exists, I'm glad to show them to you. First is the neck scarf I'm making for my mama.

Believe it or not, this is Lion Bran. Looks pretty nice, eh? I like the shimmer. It's Imagine, which is a fairly new ribbon yarn of theirs. The big downside to this yarn is that the transitions between the colors are very sloppy and there are drips of the dyes onto the opposing color. You can't really see that when it's knit up, however.

These are 2 needle mittens I'm making for my dad. After a recent fraternity reunion, he's had a big resurgence of his Sparten spirit and specifically requested items not only in their colors but also with the Sparten on them. Cobra drew up a fantastic chart which turned out looking pretty good in my opinion. Here's the problem. See that ribbing on the bottom? Well, I have trouble getting it around my little wrist. It's pretty close to fitting all the way around Cobra's wrist. So I'm torn: do I finish it, block the HELL out of it, see if it fits, then try the other one, or just give up on it and save it for another occasion? I'm leaning towards the latter, as it's starting to cross that line into too much of a hassle, but it looks good. Oy. Please offer opinions....(I'm really thinking of going and getting a DVD instead here, folks).

Of course, this is my little neglected sleeve for Grasshopper. I've worked on it a tad but you know how personal projects go during this time of year. I want to finish this baby, though, perhaps another reason why the mitten may be put aside...hhhmmm

A quick note that I would have posted earlier this week but over Thanksgiving, my friends introduced me to Twin Peaks, which I was too young to enjoy the first time around. Well, I'm into it, HC. My office closed early on Monday because the power went out (hotness), so I went to rent the last two episodes of the first season. Oh snap, that shit is good. The second season appears to be available to rent at the local indie video store, so that will be 22 episodes of deeply creepy goodness. Nice to find another obsession to add to the ever growing list.