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Friday, December 10, 2004

My Proteges 

My office has become a very knitterly place over the past few months. It all started waaaay back in February or March when I would bring in my current projects to work on during lunch or while making phone calls to our members when we had this stupid "Thank You Calls" program going on. Catherine, my co-worker who I share an office with, was very intrigued so I thought I would teach her when we were camped out in the cafeteria of one of the House office buildings all day. I brought some needles and yarn in for her to try and very quickly, she had it! She worked on her little practice piece for a few weeks but didn't do much for a while because she didn't have supplies.

Fast-forward to September and I decided to redistribute a few balls from my stash to her along with some fun Kool-Aid dyed wool and a pair of needles. She immediately starts on her first garter stitch scarf, remembers right away how to do the stitches and just kicks it out like a champ. Now, she's a very - eh - particular person so she would get very concerned about little fiddly things (small but very important, right Catherine?) but it came out wonderfully. She was then inspired to make hats for all of her little cousins/nieces/nephews so after she procured some goods at Knit Happens I taught her to increase, gave her my favorite Craftster hat pattern and she was on her way. Despite some slightly traumatic incidents, including having to rip back about 4 rows when she had almost completed her first hat and some mattress stitch mishaps, she's been cranking them out and they are soooo cute. So, knitting world, meet Catherine and a baby hat!

I believe the yarn is some Jaeger baby yarn. She's redoing this one in a different pattern.

Here she is checking the size of another hat. It fits her so it should be good for a five year old, right? I thought so. One last thing about Catherine: she's the tightest knitter I've EVER seen. To the point where strangers on the Metro point it out to her. Over Thanksgiving, she broke her plastic circular needles while knitting.

Around this time, Meagan, who's an experienced crocheter and had some basic knitting knowledge, wanted to expand her skills. She practiced the knit stitch, got that done pretty well, but was having trouble purling. We spent lunch one day working on it and it was a bit of a challenge. I had trouble adequately explaining how to do it and my demonstrations weren't entirely helpful. She started getting really frustrated and declared that she would never be able to purl. Five minutes later, she was doing it like a pro. Since then, she's been working on this gift set for her boyfriend's new niece. It's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Well, having three women who would come into lunch everyday with out projects inspired some of our other coworkers. So a few months back, with a little free lunch bribe, Catherine and I taught three of our other colleagues with their newly procured supplies.

As you can imagine, this makes the office an even more fun place than it already was. In between talking about the importance of family planning, our plans for our activists for next year, we also talk about fibers and techniques. It's the perfect combination of my interests! Although I've felt some frustrations with this job, as most people tend to at various points, I'm starting to feel very sad about leaving. It's a really great environment and the friends I've made there have been a great support for me in addition to being great fun. It's going to be hard not seeing them everyday (since of course, we hang out on weekends, too), especially since Meagan is moving to Norfolk at the end of the month. This little history might not be interesting to everyone, but it's my tribute to some people who are dear to me. I'll be thinking of you guys when I'm in India and I'll miss you lots!