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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Not so much ironic, more on the funny side 

Before I mention anything else, especially related to India, I would like to urge you to go to this site to see a variety of organizations to which you can give for disaster relief. The death toll for this unbelievable tragedy is now at 56,000. To give you a sense of scale, thats over 18 times the number of people who perished in the 9/11 attacks.

As of now, my trip is still on because the area that I'm going to is in the way north part of the country. After much anticipation and wondering, I finally received my volunteer placement over the weekend. I'll be working in a local women's center teaching. No, not teaching English or computers or hygiene. I'll be teaching KNITTING AND SEWING. I'm traveling half way around the world to teach the hobby that I sit on my couch and do every night. I just think about it and laugh and think how it's good I've given myself so much time to practice this year. I'm a little sad that I'm not going to work in reproductive health but apparantly this is what they need me for. Truly, I think there will be no better medium for to bond with these women and find some common ground. This will also be a great opportunity to gain a new perspective on this craft, which will serve as an income generating activity that could improve their quality of life. Ha, but I'm going to India to teach knitting!
**Edited to add: The center where I'll be teaching requested that I bring any supplies that would be helpful. If you're in the DC area or can mail me stuff really, really quickly and you have any supplies that you would like to donate, please email me at the address in the sidebar. **

Otherwise, I'm feeling a bit stressed from all of my preparations. The Christmas weekend, however, was a nice respite. I tagged along with Cobra to his mom's house on X-mas eve and his aunt's on X-mas day. Man, these women can cook like none other. Plus, I got to have some quality time with Cobra's lovely fam, who are just so welcoming, warm and accepting. Both nights after the family time, we headed out to the Black Cat and stayed until closing time. Nothing to top off long hours of family time than a rock n roll bar. And it was there that I realized that all of the men in his family are hot. Individually, I'd of course recognized that they're all good looking, but, man, I was just overwhelmed by the force of their good lookingness. And I hadn't even been drinking! Maybe I'll get a good pic to put up one day so that you too can swoon. It was a fun weekend but deep down, I still kinda miss my Jew x-mas tradition of movies and chinese food. To somewhat make up for it, we went to see The Life Aquatic on Sunday, which was lovely in its Wes Anderson sad-funniness.

Anywhooz, as that side of Cobra's family is Bolivian, they do their gift-giving on X-mas eve. I made this scarf for Cobra's awesome mom. She loved its softness and said it was "very special."

It's Patons Divine in Denim Storm, knit up in Feather and Fan lace. Click here for the close-up.

I should have some exciting knits to show off later this week. Stay tuned and be less stressed than I am!

Oh yeah, and send good vibes out to my brother. He got engaged on Sunday! And the sweetest part? His mother-in-law to be is a knitter AND works at a yarn store. Aw yeah.