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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Come and Knock on the Door 

Click to see who's waiting for you...

That's right y'all, this pink monkey is BACK! I've got lots of stories to tell and, as you can see, lots of new knits to show off (yeah, check out the skills in those socks yo). Overall, I have slipped back into the DC life and in some ways, it's a bit overwhelming.

Ya see, that door you knocked on is the door to my new apartment, which I'm inhabiting by myself. So far, I LOVE living by myself (actually, my previous living situation was in many ways like living by myself) and I feel like I've moved up in the world by being able to afford this place. There's still much to be done as far as getting everything in order - really, I'd probably still be swimming in piles of boxes if it weren't for my super ultra organized engineer of a father, who came to visit last weekend. Of course, just when I think that I should get everything in place, I remember that I have a bunch of cover letters need to be written and sent. Plus, today I started doing some temp work at my old job but hopefully that will force me to manage my time better since I have less of it.

Despite all this craziness, I'm really happy to be back in this city, to see my Cobra, to get back into a routine. Since I've settled into this apartment, I've spent lots of time walking around the city, exploring new corners, noticing little details and smiling. It feels great to be building up my own little piece of home in this lovely, familiar city.

The real proof that I'm making my life official here? Today I traded in my PA driver's license for a DC one. And the picture isn't even that bad.

P.S. Rachael may not the extent of how lucky she is. Last night, Cobra and I went to 4 different stores in search of Creme Eggs but they had been sold out before Easter even arrived. Why can't they make matzoh versions for Passover?