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Thursday, April 28, 2005

It Makes Waffles 

Contrary to what you might think, I am not suffering from Chronic Blog Non-posteritis. I am actually suffering from Acute Internet Accessanemia that is compounded by my No-dollarosis. Please, bear with me until I become for real employed and go get my injection of cashicillin.

Last I left you, it was my birthday. It ended up being a really nice, low-key day, exactly what I wanted. I didn't get many real presents, mostly some money from relations to buy stuff for my apartment, which is what I really needed. When I was talking about it to Cobra, though, I did say that I would like a ball winder as my present. He went around to a few of the chain crafty stores in the area trying to find one, but encountered some significant trouble because he couldn't remember exactly what the device was called. As he told it to me, here's a bit of how most of his attempts to get the ball winder went:

Cobra: Hi, I'm looking for a...I don't remember exactly what it's called...a yarn ball roller?

Salesperson: What does it do?

Cobra: It makes waffles.

Salesperson (to other salesperson): Hey Jan, do we have any yarn rollers that make waffles here?

apparently, everyone he asked for this device asked him what it does. Needless to say, he ended up getting a bit frustrated and, after trying many stores (although not Springwater who surely would have had it) he gave up on his search. But it turned out just fine for me because he got a nice copy of one of my favorite pictures of him blown up and framed.


It was taken by one of his motorcycle buddies (or as I call them, his fan club) when they were riding in Assateague, Maryland. Wild horses couldn't drag me away from him (haha, that comment even makes me want to vom).

On a different note, I'm sure most of you know that the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is quickly approaching. The festival site is about an hour away from DC so, as such, I want to extend an open invitation to any to knitters to make use of me (not that way, you naughty person).

An Open Invitation
If you are interested in visiting DC in conjunction with your visit to the MD S&W festival and would like any suggestions for museums, restaurants, yarn stores or other things to do, please feel free to email me. I'd also love to hang out with anyone who's here so if you want to get together for a bite, a drink or some knittin', please contact me as well. I hope to hear from some of you and if not, I'll see you at the festivale!

Have a loverly weekend, yo.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Breakin' it Down 

Woo hoo, internet finally working again today! I haven’t been able to get on at home for over a week, which is not fun when you’re really wondering what kind of paint can be used on vinyl without melting it (according to Cobra, not spray paint). I was really left with no choice but to check on a few of these things while at work. I mean, a girl needs to know, right? Of course, this also means that I’ve been blog reading and writing –less, a hard prospect to contend with but somehow my general life craziness has kept me distracted.

So I realized that the picture in my last post was just an intense barrage of new knits; I’m sure that some of you had to avert your eyes from all of their lovingly-crafted glory. I’m here to break it all down for you from the bottom up.

My first knit socks

These here are my first ever pair of socks. I’m quite proud of them and they’re very cozy as handmade socks should be. They’re from two mismatched balls of Schoeler Stahl Socka Colori. After I made the first one, I realized that it was a smidge too large, so I cast on fewer stitches for the second one. I’m planning to use this same pattern to make socks with some Koigu I got a while back and I’ll be certain to take the ribbing down the cuff and over the instep with those to ensure that perfect fit. Next time I used striped yarn, I’ll also pay closer attention to starting with the same color. Nevertheless, I like my fraternal twin socks very much.


Next up is my Boobholder made in some Tess’ Designer Yarn I got in Maine. This merino yarn really deserves some special attention. Of course, the slightly variegated coloration makes a very simple garment into a very unique sweater. The fiber itself is very soft and lotiony, and also smells really good but that may be because I stored it with some yummy-smelling soap. It’s also a great value – this is all made with one 570 yard skein and it’s extended quite a bit longer than the pattern. If you can find this yarn at your LYS (or of course, you can order it from their handy dandy website), I highly recommend it. As for the pattern, it of course stands up to Stefanie’s exceptional standards. I had to modify it for a different gauge and it still worked out very well. Originally, I had planned to make the bottom rounded like a bolero but I realized a) it might look strange considering that the front is angular and b) I couldn’t figure out how to do the short rows from the top down. So the only modifications I made were the lengthening and Stefanie’s instructions for busty gals, but with M1’s instead of yarnovers. I actually had to rip and redo quite a bit of that part because I ended up putting in like 4239 increases, which looked ridiculous and made a funny bump in the armpit. It’s finished off with an antique abalone button I got at a flea market and is perfect for the lovely springtime weather we’re having here in DC.

I’d like to note that most if not all of the knitting on these was done in India, fueled by many over the top Bollywood movies.

Pyschedelic Seaweed Scarf

This last one I started before I left for the trip and finished soon after I returned. It’s just a simple spring scarf I made using this stitch pattern I found on the interweb. It’s made with the now discontinued Laughing Lizard line of hand dyed yarns from Knit Happens; this particular type was called Silky Way. While the colors are beauteous, I have to say that I’m almost gad that it’s no longer available because it was a huge pain in the ass to work with. I bought it on sale in a huge tangled mass and spent about 3 hours untangling it and rolling it around a toilet paper roll because it was entirely too slippery to stay in a ball. After some slight handling, I’d have to repeat this untangling ritual all over again. I do love the finished product, though; as an accessory, I think of it more like a piece of jewelry than as a garment. Inspired by the name of the stitch, I call this my Psychedelic Seaweed Scarf.

Mmmm, socks

But wait, there’s a bonus bit of knitting for me to ramble on about! It’s this pair of socks that I’m almost finished with, made with Wendy’s fantastically simple pattern. They’re made with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino on size 3’s. When things are going smoothly with this yarn, it’s like knitting with butta, I swear. It, however, doesn’t take well to being ripped or handled too much or all the plies untwist. They feel ruuuul nice on though.

Alright, I know this entry is already super long, but I have some important things to mention. First, I had 1 job interview last week and another tomorrow, so cross your fingers for me! Another good thing about tomorrow…it’s my birthday! It should be pretty low key but I’m looking forward to a nice dinner with Cobra and cake at my temp job (which is actually at my old office). I hope it’s a lucky day for all of you!