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Friday, May 06, 2005

High Anxiety 

This week, I have been very, very anxious and my emotions have been scattered all over the place. On Wednesday, I left temp job early and while I was walking home, I called people and left messages like "I'm feeling really cranky today and just wanted to vent, so call me back if you want to hear me bitch." (FYI I did feel better that day after eating some ice cream outside and dancing to some Bowie tunes, but the crabbiness continues).

The root cause of this anxiety is the lack of real jobness, which is causing intense obsession over every single cent. Today, I figured out that my rent takes up 80% of my monthly salary at temp job! That's just not feasible, folks. It's not for lack of trying, either. In fact, I had a pretty promising second interview last week but they're putting me through the elaborate torture of not letting me know about their decision FOR ANOTHER TWO WEEKS. This is after an application process that was already 4-5 weeks long. Come on people, make up your fucking minds already!!!

As you can probably tell, knitting has really been a very calming solace from my crazy, paranoid brain this week. Now that I've finished my peachy socks, what, pray tell, am I knitting? I'm making a very cute tank top, Priscilla from Berroco book #223 in some very special yarn: the Phildar Clapotis that I picked up whilst in Paris (just what we needed, another Clapotis in the knitting world! What I really wonder is how Clapotis would look as a Clapotis...). While this yarn is made from polyamide, it looks and feels like it's made of paper! I got mine in the Barbe a Papa color, which my coworker looked at the other day and said that it reminded her of all of the azaleas that are in bloom right now. Let's compare, shall we?


Why yes, I believe coworker was right and the color is very azalea-like.


I also thought that the lighter portions very much resembled these....dogwoods? Although it resembles these flowers, I'm calling it my Strawberry Swirl top because it reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake.

This project is moving right along as I'm already onto the increases on the back piece. It's going quickly not only because it's acting as my crutch in my world of stressed out craziness, but also because I got a little bonus knitting time this week with my friend Susanne.

Susanne is a buddy I met at DC SNB and she is totally my favorite vegan knitter in DC. She is holding up her very first gauge swatch for her very first real garment, Anouk also from Berroco #223 (confession: I was originally going to make the same top and we were going to have a 2 person knitalong, but then I realized I probably don't have enough yarn). My first duty as a coach that night was to make sure that she made that swatch despite her objections or else she ran the risk of having first real garment be a total disaster. Good thing, too since she ended up having to go up 2 needle sizes. Susanne, you will thank me someday for this lesson (and if you wanted to do that sometime in the near future, financial compensation would be nice). In return, she gave me some valuable job hunting tips and leads and taught me how to say "thank you" in Esperanto. We had a lovely time and I hope we do it again sometime soon.

I'm also cheered by my excitement for the orgy of fiber that will be MD S&W. I know this is a bit late but if you're looking for some tips and how to approach the event, check out these tips from Michael (who is seriously the most knowledgeable member of DC SNB). The meetup tomorrow afternoon should be a blast but I'm now worried that I'll creep out everyone because I've lost my voice and sound like a slowly dying frog. Please don't be afeared of me, friends! My pre-festival dinner with fellow voice-loser Lauren should kick the weekend off nicely.

So, lovely readers I'll send some peaceful vibes out to you and hope you can reciprocate. I'm so stoked to see some of you tomorrow, yay!!! Great weekend to all.