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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hott Fun in the Summertime, Part II 

With Cobra starting a new job and me hopefully doing the same very soon, we realized that we probably won't have any vacation time to take this summer. So this past weekend, we decided to take a few days off to head to the beach. Cobra's favorite beach spot are North Carlolina's Outer Banks; indeed, we've been talking about visiting there for more than a year, so it was the natural destination. After a fairly uneventful drive, apart from a stop to pick up some deliciously juicy fresh peaches and gawking at the Grave Digger as we passed, we arrived and headed straight for the driving beaches.


Now, Cobra has been telling me for over a year that one of the attractions of the area is that you can drive on the beach. I thought this just appealed to his love of off-roading, not realizing that it actually has benefits for a fun beach experience. First, it makes you feel like you're part of a special club since only high clearance 4X4 vehicles can successfully cruise over the sand. It's also good because instead of having to hang out at the crowded public areas of the beach (which, admittedly, were not all that crowded), we were able to drive to a completely secluded area that we had all to ourselves for the whole day! It's amazing how much more I enjoyed the beach when I wasn't constantly comparing myself to tiny 18-year-olds in even tinier bikinis.

Another awesome part about the beaches is that they are federally run, some as animal and bird sanctuaries, so they are all in a very natural state, surronded by dramatic sand dunes.


We camped right underneath these at Oregon Inlet.


Has Cobra turned into Jesus? No, he's just walking on a sandbar. We had lots of fun cannonballing off of it into the deeper water.

While there were a few signs that we were in the South, this was really the most fun experience I've ever had at a beach (and that's saying a lot for a girl who grew up in Florida!) Sadly, it ended somewhat badly as we both ended getting sunburned.

Really sunburned.

I'm peeling as I type.

But this will pass, yes.

While I didn't do too much knitting while we were away, I have been plugging away at my latest project. Like so many others, I have fallen into the ClapTrap!


Check out the closeup of some dropped stitches.
I'm making mine from the Tess' hand-dyed superwash merino I acquired at MDS$W and, unfortunately, the yarn is causing me a bit more trouble than it did when I used it for my boobholder. Tess is being a bad girl because her color is rubbing off on my hands when I knit with her! The yarn is also catching on the join of my Denise Needles and I actually had to rip a chunk of it out because, at a shorter width, the colors were pooling like CRAZY. It's still a bit blocky now, but it's better an I think produces a cool tiger-striped effect. I was going a bit slow with it at first because I wasn't feeling totally inspired but now that I feel like I'm actually adding a good amount of length to it, I'm starting to sail!

I'm also excited to have joined the Sockapal-2-za tour this summer! Not only is it a fun chance to knit for someone else, but I'm going to take it as a chance to expand my sock knitting skills. I'm thinking of making socks with a fun stitch or lace pattern, so I'm on the lookout for fun patterns. This project probably won't be started until later in the summer, so I have lots of time to decide.

This week is also exciting for everyone in my family because we have a very special event approaching: my brother's wedding is next sunday! They just got engaged in December, I can't believe it's happening already! I'm going home for it on Wednesday but I'll give you a little more info before then. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!