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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Move It Along 

Alright, that last sad sack post has been up for way too long, it's time to move it on down. Thank you friends for your supportive comments, you always bring a smile to my face. Life has been going much better since that day. I haven't gotten a call back from the gyno, so I'm still, as Lil' Kim would say, a clean bitch. Bike friend is dealing with a lot of craziness in her life but is physically a lot better. Both of my India picture CD's were at Cobra's place (in the same case, of course) and are now in safety sealed locations. And on the job front, I have been sending out resumes like crazy and went to a conference yesturday where I got lots of good leads. I'm feeling more renergized for the process.
Going out of town for that weekend certainly helped out quite a bit. I think the best way to get over yourself and your own problems is to put yourself in a context that isn't all about you. Of course, I certainly got lots of love while I was there and I did get my manicure. But the weekend was really about my aunt and her incredible ability to encourage people to achieve to the fullest of their abilities. She's retiring from her job as a teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students, and at the party she had students that she taught in pre-school attend to tell her how she was one of the best teachers they'd ever had. The day after the retirement party was the graduation for students at a local community college where she runs a scholarship in her free time. During the graduation, I started a sock out of some Koigu from the stash.

Koigu sock cuff

But my aunt, she's not just an angel going out to do these good works, she's a tough, gritty, take no shit woman. I'd like to blog more about her and our relationship after I put some real thought into it because she's been a real inspiration in my life and that's hard to put into words. In the meantime, check out this pic:


Informal guessing game: which of these ladies is my mom and which is my aunt? Put your guesses in the comments. Just to give you a sense of scale, I'm only 5'3". They really are THAT short.

Another highlight of last week was a lovely SnB session hosted by the ever-lovely Susanne. Remember her? She fed us fantastic vegan snacks, including the moistest vegan brownies I've ever tasted, and amazed us with her collection of Bakelite jewlery and her boyfriend's collection of cool antique poison bottles. We also had an in depth discussion of the best places to dumpster dive in our area - I'm not going to give away their trade secrets though! In her infinite generosity, Susanne gifted me with this awesome yarn!


It's Southwest Trading Company's Melody Ladder yarn in Bougainville. Of course, it came with a quid pro quo: I have to untangle it before I can use it. It's enough to make a lovely summer shawl, I'm excited to swatch with it. Thank you, Susanne and let's be sure to get together for some knitting time soon!

In terms of my next project, I feel like I'm in a bit of knitting limbo. I have a few choices from my small stash that can go through and I have some fun ideas for modifying patterns. I have the sock, but knitting even a small item from wool now in DC is not a fun thought. I may also do a fun top in some mohair but I feel like that's a bit heavy as well. I have a scarf to fix up but it's a kind of boring knit. I'll give it some thought, perhaps I'll play around with a few yarns and see what speaks to me. And don't suggest getting some fun summer yarns to play with, you know I ain't got the cold ducats to do that!

Of course, I hope this talk of future projects has you wondering about Strawberry Swirls. Stay tuned for her progress...