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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Knitting People are Totally the Best 

In chron0logical order:


Lauren is so cute. We finally got to meet up again a week or two ago (where has the time gone) and had a lovely lunch and stroll around the local establishments of Dupont Circle. We discussed our mutual love of bubble tea, were enchanted by the variety, texture and hues of beads available at Beadazzled, and checked out some knitting patterns at Olsson's Books. While at the bookstore, I convinced her to buy a great beach read that was on sale; it doesn't take too much convincing to get that bibliophile to purchase a book! We also spent a good amount of time discussing blogging in a semi-philosophical way; the pros and cons, increasing readership and making friends. It was suprisingly nice to have a confidante with whom to discuss the complexities of this medium. To quote Cari, who put it so eloquently, she's less like a knitblogger I'm friendly with and more like a friend who happens to blog. As if all of this wasn't good enough, I then got to escort her on her first Metrobus ride! The ride would have been so pleasant if not for some punk kids (and not punk like rock, punk like they need to be learned some manners) throwing pebbles in our general direction. Soon friends, I promise you that she and I will have a Dance Dance Revolution Showdown and all of this nice chit chat will go out the window.

I was absolutely thrilled to open my mailbox today and find a fabulous package from my fave Southern lady, Ms. Anne Marie!


From left to right, you see a lovely skein of pinky Paton's Divine (mmm, which I love, remember the lovely scarf I made Cobra's mom from it?), some Green Apple Extra gum, a dericious chocolate bar (the package is a little wrinkly due to my utter lack of willpower), and some great knitting lady silhouette notecards. Clearly, this is a collection of my favorite things in the world. AM, merci beaucoup for totally making my rainy, stormy day!!

3. In the interest of full disclosure, my mom is not a full fledged knitter. She can whip out a mean garter stitch and actually has a great knitting instinct; if she challenged herself to expand her skills, she could at least make some simple projects if not more. Unfortunately, she doesn't do much challenging of herself these days. But that doesn't mean that she's any less of a sport when it comes to buying her youngest child some yarn, muhahahah!!!


The good part about this stash addition is that it occured immediately after I ate my favorite meal ever, the Chickpea Chili Burrito at Mad Mex. Ahh, best day ever. The unfortunate part is that the end result of these yarns will be gifts and so they don't really count as actual stash additions. The upper yarns are being combined to make a scarf for the little mama to match her new gold satiny suit (which my aunt refered to as her Elvis impersonator suit). The fuzzy Pixie yarn on the bottom will be used to make some bunnies for friends' bebes.

4. I have to give props to myself for having good taste, but immediately follow it with a flagellation because I AM WEAK! SO WEAK!!


Knit Happens was having a sale and I hadn't bought yarn in so long and these were 40% off...The rationalizations go on and on. And this wasn't even the end of it! I bought some other yarn that I can't show because the receipient of the intended project is a blog reader. Let's just say that it's 85% wool, 15% mohair, hand dyed and was also on sale, which is a rarity for this high-end brand. Time to move beyond the guilt and embrace the excitement of knitting with these fine products. Only five more therapy sessions and I'll be able to get to that point.

Speaking of needing therapy, I spent a lot of time with my family last week as we gathered together to celebrate my big brother's wedding. I'm going to do a big ass wedding post later this week, but I wanted to put out a bit of our history so that you lovely readers can understand the context. My parents are both Jewish and my bro and I were raised within the Reform Jewish context. For this of you unfamiliar with the differentions, this is one of the more liberal branches of the religion and is about adapting to the modern world while allowing members to choose their own adventure as far as keeping kosher, observing shabbat and participating in rituals. We always had a Jewish identity but our religion was fairly compartmentalized into "that thing we do when we go to the synagogue." Big bro went away to college in the mid 90's and engaged in a lifestyle that, sadly, is not too uncommon on many college campuses. He joined a fraternity, spent more time drinking and partying than focusing on his studies and did the whole hooking up routine. A few years into it, he starts dating this girl who is involved in the Hillel chapter on campus. They become more engaged with the religious life on campus and took separate trips to Israel.

To shorten this already long story, the bro started studying at a religious seminary in Israel four years ago, embraced a thoroughly religious (or Orthodox) lifestyle three years ago, and became an Israeli citizens two years ago. This transformation in him has been an ongoing dealing process for us as a family, but when we see how he has really come into his own within this framework. He's been happy and has built a great community for himself but, you know, he's been far away. Well, a year ago he met a lovely young woman who, coincidentally, also had roots in Pittsburgh. She was actually dating one of his friends, but they mutually decided to break it off. At their last date, the friend told her that he wanted to set her up with big bro. His parting words to her were "Invite me to the wedding." Six months later, they were engaged. She's such a smart, put together person and I'm great he'll have a constant in his life there to build his family with. There's a lot more history, a lore more religious aspects and a lot more emotions that go into this story, and maybe I'll fill you in on them someday. Before that happens, though, I'll just tell the story of a beautiful day when a lovely, committed, passionate couple got married. Look for it next time.