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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Let's Look at Some Knitting, Shall We? 

Even though I've been gallivanting about plenty lately, I've also been able to fit in plenty of knitting time. Yes, I've been very productive indeed. Come on, I'll show ya.

Koigu Autumn Sock

At first, I was referring to these socks as That 70's sock because the mustard yellow, navy blue and bright pinky-orange reminded me of the polyester shirts I often find at thrift stores. As I got past the ribbing and saw the colors in all of their glory, however, it reminded me of autumn leaves piled on top of each other in a beautiful New England forest. Well, really, it was my romantic mental vision of what that would probably look like since I've only been to a New England forest once and it was last summer. The point is that these are now my Autumn Socks not only because of its reminiscent colors but because it will give me a reason to look forward to the colder weather (for probably the first time in my life, I'm wishing for a shorter summer because I'm absolutely wilting from this crazy heat in my non A/C apartment).
I was originally going to continue the ribbing over the whole top of the foot but when I saw how fabulous the variegation and texture looked in stockinette, I knew that I had to make that the focus. To ensure better fit across the width, I wanted to put in some extra give. In the end, I continued the two center ribs and they like to point to my big toe when I wear the socks. It's an unexpected effect but I like it! Of course, the yarn is Koigu, so it feels like pure love on your foot.

Sparkly Scarf

Mmmm, sparkly. I finished this drop stitch scarf and it will be shipped off to Mommy Dearest sometime soon. She's picky about these things though, so I hope she likes it and ACTUALLY wears it. She gets overheated all of the time and the scarf is actually fairly heavy, so it will be seen how much use it gets.

Upon finishing this scarf, I immediately started a secret project. I can't show it but I'll just tell you that it's a fun pattern made in the most glorious bit of fiber I've ever had the good luck of handling.


This is a Clapotis, reclining gracefully on Cobra's bike. Well, one of Cobra's bikes. You can see that I got through many of the dropped stitch rows and was headed on down the decreases.

Yes, this is all past tense.

This is a picture of a Clapotis that was.

See, when I tried it on, it had a nice width but was way too short. It barely could wrap the whole way around my neck. And so, it had to go.

The ripping was so sad and but me into a very ambiguous state, because I only have this one hank of yarn. I could make a thinner Clap-Trap but then it would be more scarf-like, whereas I really like the stole quality of the original. I'm pondering the yarn's next move, and it make be into this cardigan. But I can't go there yet because...

Tangled Tess

I feel like this is my summer of tangled yarn. This isn't even that bad, I have made some progress, as opposed to that Melody Yarn that's still sitting in a heap in my project basket. I will have to give up so many hours of my life to get that untangled, and sometimes I ponder if those are the stories I want to be telling my grandkids about.

I should have another project started this week because Yay! I'm going to a design your own shrug workshop with Teva Durham today at Stitch DC! Me! Teva! Personal instruction!! I'm absolutely thrilled!! I'll be sure to give you the full scoop soon, now I must run and get ready!