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Saturday, July 16, 2005

One Year Blogiversary 

Readers, yesturday was my one year blogiversary! It's truly hard to believe that I've been utilzing this media for this long. I feel that being a part of the blogging community has been truly positive for me as it has helped me to expand my knitting skills, learn new techniques, think about the meaning of the craft of knitting and introduced me to new projects. I have also formed some relationships with other great knitters, which has truly enriched my life.

In addition to thanking those of you who have stuck with me and who continue to read my little words (THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!), I would like to add that, on occasion, I stop to ponder the amazing nature of this community. I don't mean this just in the sense of people being extremely generous and supportive individuals, which many others have written on at length. When I think about the great life accomplishments of those whose blogs I read, I'm often dumbfounded. I manage to keep up with (mostly) women who work in all kinds of professions including designing websites, practicing law and medicine, engaging in scholarly research, archiving historical materials, taking photographs, DJing on the radio, writing novels and even owning yarn stores! Some have partners and some have children. Of course, we all have our good days and bad days, and some are more willing to share all those aspects than others. Not as a dis to our talented knitting brethren, but I have to say that all of these women, to me, are truly successful in their life endeavors. It's heartening to know that women are out in the world, contributing so positively to it but still love to fondle a deliciously soft ball of yarn. So thanks to all of you out there, whether you know I read you or not, for inspring me in my craft and in my life.

To mark this occasion, I have updated my 100 things about me list. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised to discover that just as much has stayed the same as has changed. You can still check it out, though!

Next time: actual knitting content!