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Friday, August 05, 2005

Good News Requiring Risk and Trust 

One of my friends stayed with me this past weekend. I was her last stop before she flew off to Japan to teach English for a year as a participant in the sweet Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. With all of the stress of packing, getting to DC, participating in orientation and coming to turns with having very little experience with Japanese culture, she was understandably feeling very stress and had some creeping doubts. As I was trying to reassure her, she told me a quote that she had found that she felt fit her impending experience. I wasn't smart enough to copy it down or get the source but I'll paraphrase:

All of life's worthwhile experiences require risk and trust.

While I'm not about to go live in a far off foreign country for a year, I also found this quote to be applicable to my life right now. Finally, after months of searching, I have found my new job! Clearly, this is very exciting for me and I feel so relieved to finally be finished with the whole search process. It's also with an organization that does a lot of good work right in my neighborhood - not to mention that I'll only have a 10-15 minute walking commute everyday! The big question mark is that this agency is faith-based, founded by a Methodist minister, and there is a religious element present in the office. From all accounts, the office environment is very respectful to all beliefs, but it's still scary to me since it is an unknown.

Ultimately, I'm realizing that by taking the risk of going outside my comfort zone and trusting in my own strength of conviction and sense of self, I'll hopefully become more open-minded to those of differing beliefs while learning some valuable job skills. Basically, I'm giving myself the same pep talk as Carrie is giving herself. I'm still a little nervous though. I'll let you know how it goes after I start next week.

I was so overjoyed to be moving on to this next stage in my life and at having some spending money that I finished a pair of socks:

koigu socks

Sigh, they are lovely, aren't they? I heart them deeply. Unfortunately, it's so friggin' hot and humid right now that I can't wear them for longer than a minute and a half without risk of shvitzing to death. I finished them at a ridiculously early hour of the morning while watching The Aviator, which was quite good.

Have a great weekend, all! I'll be in Norfolk and Virginia Beach for a bachelorette weekend. But as I told Cobra this morning, I'm sure none of the strippers will be as hot as he is, so I'll be a good girl.