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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sockapaltwoza Slacker 

With the commencement of my new job (which I generally feel positive about, but still a little strange) and the prospect of some cash flow, I finally made a purchase I’ve needed to for quite a while:

sock pal yarn

Sock Yarn!

Yes, I’ve been a delinquent Sockapaltwozer, but I finally got my act together by getting this lovely green variegated yarn for my pal. It’s Opal Handgefarbt (I’m guessing that means hand dyed) #15 that I got from this Ebay store. It reminds me of forests or algae or seaweed that is very nutritious and I like to eat it. I hope my sock pal likes it as much as I do!

While I’ve been a sock slacker up to this point, but I’m committed – committed I say! – to not missing the deadline and ruining my sock pal’s day. So I immediately cast on for sock number one. I'm making Holly’s Sock Pattern (PDF) that you can find on the ever-sock-loving Sock Bug's site. You can see a close-up of it, although the delicate pattern makes it hard to make out. I promise you that it’s lacy and pretty. Indeed, I think this is one of my first lace projects and, while it’s requiring a little finagling, it makes my fingers feel like they’re dancing.

Because I have so much foresight and not because I’m weak when it comes to fiber, I bought some supplementary Opal Batik Sock yarn.

cobra sock yarn

The seller advertised it as being shades of red, but it’s more rust and orangey-brown. Because I’m such an altruistic, loving, giving girlfriend, this will be made into boot socks for Capt. Cobra. Sadly, the must be boot height because he got a pair from his cousin last Christmas that he wears everyday. Sigh, boys always complicate things, don’t they? Thankfully, the yardage on this hank is ginormous, so it should be enough to make appropriate coverings for his monster-sized feet. His feet a bit strangely proportioned, so I may have to consult you all later for tips on engineering.

In fall knits news, have you all seen this faaaaabulous pattern? I fell in love with it even before the pattern was for sale. Its shape is perfect for layering with fun summer clothes to make perfect transitional weather outfits! I can already think of leopard-print tank I have that would go with it perfectly. I’m so excited to make it first on my autumn list. Now the real questions: which yarn and what color?