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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

When the DPN's Talk Amongst Themselves... 

They call me the Double-Pointed Executioner.

broken dpn

Unfortunately, my reputation among their kind precedes me. It causes them to tremble with fear when I reach for them. That's when they do things that make me really, really angry.


Things that require me to document their bad badiness, even when I'm in the Metro station. Fortunately, I love knitting on the subway and, even though fixing lacy patterns is a bit scary since you could potentially throw off a whole pattern and make all your work for naught, all was put into what looks like its previous order. Good thing, or there might have been another small, wooden casualty...

Whoa, apologies for my dark tone. I think I'm just venting because my computer at work is slower than molasses in January. It is constantly freezing and malfunctioning and I, of course, deal with this pragmatically by threatening it and railing about how frustrated I am by it. I think today I may have actually made a bad impression on my boss and co-workers by expressing this frustration - my boss later made an offhand comment that I am "volatile." Woops, perhaps I should try harder to reorient myself to a normal office environment.

Back to the point: I have finished my sock's cuff and I'm working on the heel. Hopefully, the rest of this knitting will go as quickly as the first part so that I won't miss the impending deadline...

But, of course, other knitting does distract me from time to time.


Even though it will be months before I'll need to cover up in any capacity, I started this fun striped shawl. I was inspired by this Garter Stitch Shawl pattern but instead doing a kf&b on the edges, I'm using YO's around the center stitch to create this spine. I'm using a variety of single skeins I had hanging around the stash. I will specify abut the yarns that I'm using at a later point. I'm looking forward to wearing this in the fall with some dark colored separates and looking totally bohemian.

In addition to the knitting this week, there was a bit of celebrating. On Sunday, there was a family and friend celebration in honor of Cobra's birthday at his mom's house. Isn't it funny that, despite their age, boys seem to be entertained by the same activities?

Heh heh, it go fast. Heh, cool.

Yesterday was his actual birthday, so we went for a fun dinner at Tonic, where we shared a free bottle of wine and had fun drawing on the paper covering the table with crayons. I gave him two gift certificates for massages from the Potomac Massage Training Institute to help relieve all his life tensions. Now that he's all elderly, he gets all kinds of aches and pains. He's older than dirt, but I loves me that crazy boy.