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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Socker Mom 

Mostly, I've heard people mocking socker moms for their lame vehicles and whatnot. I won't deny that I've joined in on occasion. Well, my mocking days are over because I have now have becoome a socker mom and let me tell you, it is a busy, difficult life. As if one little progeny wasn't enough, it turns out I'm caring for twins!

My afternoon started when I went to pick them up after school. They were already very impatient when I got there, and were sliding around on this little hill, leaving them covered in grass stains.


These two are actually quite impressive athletes (I think itsports are a good outlet for their energy) but, unfortunately, the soccer season hasn't started yet. Much to their chagrin, I had to bring the twins to their least favorite after school activity - religious school.

religious school

They're being raised Unitarian. Despite the lively debate that was brewing between Jesus and Lord Krishna on the nature of the soul, Lilly was almost falling asleep.

After I picked them up from religious school, I could tell that the twins were antsy and cranky from having to sit still for so long. When they got home, these feelings erupted. Lilly got angry that Riley took one of her Yugioh cards and called him a stupid head. Riley tackled Lilly and started pulling her hair. I hate it when he does that.


After separating them, I punished them by putting them in their special time out chairs and put them in separate corners. After five minutes, they seemed to have calmed down sufficiently.


At this point, it was getting late in the evening and the twins were clearly agitated from hunger. I made them a healthy meal, but they really cannot eat without making a huge mess of themselves.

mealtime messy

So, naturally, I gave them their bath.


After this long day, we were all very tired. So, with their favorite friend Betty Madagascar, I tucked them into bed, read them their favorite story ("Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing") and gratefully watched them go to sleep.


I was so tired, I didn't even get a chance to knit before bed! Being a socker mom is really exhausting. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the free time that I'll have when I ship them off to their auntie's on the West Coast tomorrow for a little visit. Sometimes, during those little moments, I remember that the socks are worth it and that I'll miss the little buggers.