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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tea and Painkillers 

Last night I was planning to write a post about a felting experiment I did a few weeks back. Well, as my dad likes to say, If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. Before I could write it, I went for a ride with Cobra and we ended up getting into a little motorcycle accident on the Rock Creek Parkway.

We are both fine.

We were both able to get up and walk away from the accident and got away from the whole thing relatively unscathed. Cobra has a hairline fracture on his arm near his wrist (which for him isn't a big deal, he's probably broken more bones than he hasn't in his time) and I pulled or bruised a muscle in my lower back and -sigh- right butt region, which is making my walking pretty slow. They're kind of complementary injuries, he'll do all the reaching and bending for me, I do the holding and smaller manuevering for him.

The worst part about this is that it has exhausted us both; we slept until almost 2PM today. Oh yeah, and the front end of his bike got knocked off and there may be other damage we couldn't see. He's figuring that all out. We were just so lucky with the whole thing, really.

And, of course, it reiterates some of the important motorcyle safety lessons we already know:
helmets, helmets, helmets: always wear one. I might not be typing this now if I didn't have one on. Other protective clothing, or at least long sleeves and pants should always be worn. Always wear proper, full coverage shoes or boots. My cheapy, fakey pleather boots probably helped keep my ankles intact. Most importantly, other drivers are fucking idiots, so always look out for them. Especially when they turn in front of you from the right lane. Ugh.

After the bike is fixed and we get some new gear, we will both ride again. It wasn't a pleasant experiencing, but I find myself singing Frank Sinatra: "Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention."

Ironically, you may have noticed the new button on my sidebar marking me as an Extreme Knitter. This past week I put in an entry for this contest (hosted by Teri
) that featured me knitting on the back of a motorcycle (I was not doing this at the time of the accident, not do I ever - I'm not that stupid). (See how Cobra is trying to look so hard in that picture? It's all a put -on, we all know he's the King of Goof). Even if I hadn't entered the contest, I feel like this experience more than gives me the right to call myself an extreme knitter. I brushed myself off from the accident, walked away, and I'm still planning to go to Stitch n Bitch tonight! If that doesn't make me one hardcore knitter, I don't know what does.