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Friday, September 02, 2005

A Very Knitterly Weekend 

Of course, everyone goes in waves with their knitting. This past month, the heat and humidity has been a big deterrent for people to want to work on their projects. Even though much of this month has been absolutely, horrifically hot, I've been more connected with my knitting than I've felt in a while (perhaps it has something to do with the A/C Cobra brought me). This week, I've found myself in a bunch of knitterly situations.

It all kicked off on Thursday when I went to my first SnB in a long time and spent a solid two hours working on my sock. This time really paid off because the next night while watching the old Willy Wonka, I finished it!


Marge disapproves of it but I think it's beautiful. And you can't even really say where I might have messed up the lace pattern. There are a few little mistakes holes unique design elements near the heel but a bit of blocking should fix it just fine. More amazingly, can you believe Cobra had never seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory before?

The next day, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting up with lovely Lauren and her best bud Becca. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died that day so you'll either have to check out the Lolly blog for some images or imagine it all in your mind. You already know what we look like, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Our first destination was Stitch DC, as Lauren had never been there before and wanted to check it out, especially when they were having a great end of summer sale. We each took some time to ponder our potential projects and appropriate yarns, and made some great purchases. Check out Lolly for her pretty blue yarn bargain! I’ve still been obsessed with making Bonne Marie's awesome Cutaway cardigan, so when I came across ten balls of Rowan Wool Cotton hiding in a sale basket, I couldn't resist.


This color has an interesting brown undertone and looks chocolately in certain lights. It's a standout color on its own, but is dark and even a bit neutral enough to mix well with other shades. I'm so excited to make this and will swatch for it soon...very soon.

To round out our day, Lauren, Becca and I headed to RFD for a yummy dinner, which was topped off by a beer float for dessert. Ok, this probably sounds gross; if someone described it to me like that, as someone who hates beer, I'd be nauseated. The twist is that instead of using a typical beer, they use St. Louis Framboise, which tastes like a slightly malty raspberry cordial. It's delicious on its own and even better with vanilla ice cream. For our last hurrah, we headed up to the Warehouse Cafe to sit and knit. Yes, Lauren and I actually knit this time instead of intending to and just blabbing away the whole night instead. There was a punk show going on next door and the 16-year-old kids dressed in spikes reminded me of the good old days; they made Lauren want to tell them to get a job.

On Sunday, I took some time to try to untangle the two major yarn knots I have neglected. I made a decent amount of progress with the Tess' yarn but I'm still in a jam with the Harmony ladder yarn.


Later, I headed back to the Warehouse for afternoon SnB, which I hadn't been to in a really long time. I had received a special request from a member to provide technical assistance with her Clapotis; since I've already been there, ripped that she thought I could be her knitting Yoda. Of course, it was nice as usual to be in the presence of a fun, opinionated crew.

The upshot of this long, fairly pictureless post? My knitting life has helped me to have a full life in this city right now. Over the past few years, I have gained many great friends just as a result of picking up the sticks and seeking others who do the same. Having that wonderfully full weekend followed by a week filled with good times with friends (including teaching one to knit) affirms that my life is indeed on the right track. It feels positively blissful and fills me with a sense of contentedness I didn't have even when I made the decision to return to this city after my India trip. Knitters, you've shown me that I made the right decision.