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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

You got it, I got it, we all got it 

In addition to my Sockapal-2-za socks, some of my other knits were distributed to others recently. You may recall the pretty gold scarf I made for my mom a few months back. When I was visiting the ole parental homestead a few weekends back, I was able to capture a shot of her with it in its full glory.

Mom in a Scarf

This stunning accessory certainly highlights her Elvis impersonator suit, doesn't it?

You may also recall earlier in the summer that I was working on a secret project. Are you ready for the big reveal?

Gertie in a Scarf

The big secret was a multidirectional scarf made from Alchemy Reservoir yarn in colorway Breath of Fire that was a birthday present for my aunt. Here it is modeled by her dog/my ostensible cousin Gertrude. It turned out to be a really beautiful knit, I hope my aunt is able to make good use of it in the cold Chicago winters.

I was also lucky enough to receive some handknits this past week - my sockapal-2-za socks!

sock pal socks

See Them on my Feet!

Are they not positively stunning? They were made by a lovely woman named Jeanine who, despite her clear knitting skill, is unfortunately blogless. They're Broadripple socks made from trekking XXL yarn. They make me so happy with their lovely pastel colors and will keep me smiling even in the darkest of winter days. I really just want to wear them every day and just look and look at them. I've been carrying them around in my bag since I've received them in the mail and glance at them throughout the day (I know, totally nonsensical. It's too hot outside to wear wool socks and really, who uses logic when it come to beautiful handmade socks?). Thanks so much for these, Jeanine, and thank to Alison for organizing this whole crazy thing!

As we're entering autumn and so many new patterns and yarns are coming out, it's hard not to have too many project options. I've come across a few sites lately, many from the lovely members of the DC Stitch n Bitch, that may provide a bit of inspiration to you if you're finding yourself in the middle of a dryspell.

Want to create a randomly striped item that doesn't look like crap? Check out this random stripe generator!

If you're into glittery eyelash yarn (and I kinda hope you're not, but nevertheless), get a free ball of Bernat Disco yarn.

Knitters in Cork have used satellites to create a knitted map art installation.

And finally, I had to buy some stamps for work and I was struck by these Rio Grande Blanket images. They may just be postage, but I think that diamond shape done in intrasia with a self-striping yarn would make a gorgeous sweater. I'm not usually a big fan of orange, but I the combination with those yellows is just beautiful. It's funny how a totally run of the mill act can bring on a great knitting idea. Keep your eyes and your mind open for them, all.