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Friday, October 28, 2005

I've Done A Lot 

This week, I've been pretty busy and I've done a lot of things. It all started on Sunday afternoon when I made my way down to the National Mall to take part in the festivities for the Knit Out.


I fought my way through the crowd in the bursting promotion tent to get free patterns for such gorgeous items as knit camo drawstring pants. I decided to avoid the potential assault on style going on in the fashion show tent and instead hung out with some lovely members of DC Stitch 'n' Bitch.


I'd like to note that tourists were photographing and filming us like we were some weird, freakish tourist attraction. What, haven't you ever seen knitters taking over our national green space before?

I did also pet this adorable dog named Abbie, companion of SnBer Kelly.


She wasn't quite so cute after she rolled in something stinky, but she can't help her doggily instincts!!

On Tuesday, I braved the cold and rain to meet Stitcher Eric in Dupont Circle to take in the Annual High Heel Race aka the Drag Races. As always, the weather was crappy but the contestants were fabulous. At the race, I did rub elbows with some pretty famous ladies.

Left: Barbra sings to us about needing people. Right: Bettie Page strikes a signature pose.

Left: The world champion female body builder. Right: Shaking hands with a revived Princess Diana!

This year, the winner of the race was none other than a nun! This race has become probably my favorite holiday tradition in this city, and is great to see that all the uptight people here can loosen up enough for one night to enjoy some pure fun.

On Wednesday, I spent most of my work day tabling at a fair, so I did cast on for a new project. I used the lovely light pink Paton's Divine that darling Anne Marie sent me a while back to start the Spiderweb capelet from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation.


This is the closest I'll ever come to knitting with cotton candy. When it's finished, I hope that it's not so furry that you can't see the pattern. Or that strangers (or Cobra, for that matter) try to eat it.

With all these things I did, you may see that there's a glaring omission. One thing that I didn't do this week.

I didn't finish my Cutaway cardi!

Here's what happened: I finished most of the seaming and was starting to attach one of the sleeves to the body. So far, so good until I got about 60% finished. I noticed that there was an excess of fabric in the sleeve cap. I tried to fudge it away as much as possible; I tried to seam two sleeve stitches for every body stitch, one sleeve stitch for each half body stitch. I restarted at different parts of the sleeve hole and considered gathering and backstitching part of the sleeve. It all looked like crap. I realized that, by having to go up two needle sizes from the recommendation on the ball band, my row gauge was totally different from the pattern. Thus, a portion of the sleeve cap must be reknit. Alas! Forsooth! I'm so close I can taste it!

Just know this: work continues and completion will be soon.