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Monday, October 03, 2005


Thank you all for your encouragement after my little fall. I'm feeling much better now, really almost normal. I still have some pain from my sprained ankle and random things popping up in my back, but I'm on the road to wellville. This was accomplished by taking plenty of time to rest this weekend. I was able to balance out all of that resting with some fun time, too.

On Saturday morning, after a good sleep, I was fortunately able to meet up with the lovely Lolly. We hiked over to DC's multicultural Adams Morgan Neighborhood to grab brunch at my favorite brunch place, Asylum. This place is a real study in contrasts: with its ample motorcycle parking and dragon/dungeon decor, you'd think it was a seedy biker bar. But then, they also make kick ass vegan BLT's and French toast. Who'd have thought?

lolly and jenna
After eating, we headed down to the main event: the Craft Bastards Craft Fair! Last year, this event was held in an abandoned gravel lot, and had probably about 35 vendors. I was so pleased to see that this year's event was in a much nicer venue and had tons and tons of booths! It took us about three hours to see them all! Even though I didn't buy too much, I was really glad to see that the DIY spirit is still alive and well, and that people are gravitating to both old and new crafts to express themselves. We really saw everything there: tampon dolls, pottery, jewelry, silkscreened t-shirts, pottery, aprons, reconstructed clothing, blank books, even a stuffed animal of the ghost of chocolate milk! And what did I get there?

Sock Yarn

Beautiful sock yarn from Woolarina, of course! Deciding amongst their goods was difficult as their color choices and handspuns are all lovely (just ask my friend K who I enabled into buying two skeins of handspun even though she's between gigs right now). I also bought a handmade birthday card for my mom that has pictures of stamps of Old Faithful on it.

Some other inspiring items I saw there? First, I totally loved the clothing at the ReVamp designs booth, particularly the vintage slips that were decorated, hand-dyed and made into beautiful, one of a kind dresses. I couldn't justify the money for it right now but maybe for a special event in the future. Also, at the Stitch DC booth, they had multiple copies of the new book, Alterknits. This book is definitely in the same league as Loop-d-Loop as far as showing new and innovative ways to use knitting and has some really cool patterns for sweaters, lace up gauntlets, a felted bulletin board and even a knitted screen door. It also has exercises and comes with a little notebook for you to create your own unique designs! I'll have to pick up a copy soon.

On Sunday, Cobra and I tried to hit up the Value Village thrift store in Hyattsville, MD but unfortunately, it was closed when we got there. So, in search of other old gear, we headed to the vintage/junk stores of Takoma Park. Luck seemed to be on our side, as there was a street fair going on there in the main part of town. There were the usual T-Park suspects: the old hippies, the super liberals wearing socially-conscious t-shirts and buttons, the young children, etc. I started to think tie dye was in style again. I picked up a lovely item from a fair trade vendor there:


This is a sconce that was made in Morocco. It perfectly fills an empty space of wall that needed decoration and casts cool shadows when I light a candle in it. A very satisfying purchase, indeed.

Alright, so after a, like, three week hiatus from talking about my current knitting project, I guess I will finally break my silence. Most of my time has been devoted to my Cutaway cardi and I'm loving every stitch.

Cutaway Front

This front needs a good block and button band. I've also finished one sleeve and I'm about 1/3 of the way finished with the back. I can't wait to finish this sweater, it's going to be so cute and versatile.

Some of the first hints of fall are heading our way, like how the other night, I felt that cold air in my breathing passages for the first time - you know the feeling, the air pierces your body quickly. I know I'll want another more all purpose cover-up in addition to the cardi, so I've been adding a few rows to my shawl here and there.
shawl painted

The yarns I'm using are:
1: Rowan Calmer, color Oatmeal I believe (thanks Lolly!)
2: Plymouth Encore, black
3: Artfibers Harlequin, Color #10 (pink and dark grey).
4: Artfibers Cellini, Color #9 (black and grey).
5: Silver slubby silk (?), gifted from my aunt, a remnant from her weaving day.
6: Fantasy Yarns Cashmere blend Aran (the stuff that you can get at A.C. Moore), black.

It really is starting to feel like it's taking forever and not really growing. I'm slightly worried as my increased are making more of a diamond shape than a triangle, and I worry this is hindering my progress. Will blocking be enough? Anyone have any insights?

L'shanah tovah to all those out there who know what it means :P

P.S. Apologies to those who got to this site by searching for "secret camera," "pink monkey friday night lights," and "fatherfuckers," as I'm sure you didn't find what you were looking for.