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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hooray for Goodness! 

Thank you so much for your good wishes and thoughts about my dad. The good thing is, all of the good thoughts worked! He came through the surgery with all of the best possible outcomes. He even did so well, they discharged him from the hospital in half the time that he was expected to stay! I really have to say that I didn’t realize how worried I was about the surgery until the nurse came out and said that everything was going well. I felt like I could really breathe again for the first time in weeks. It’s cliché, but I literally felt a weight off my shoulders. I feel really good, almost back to normal. And my dad is on his way to being an amazing cancer survivor.

In other good news, while hanging out at the hospital, I finally finished my Cutaway!


I also like to wear it closed, especially on days when my hair looks really bad

Check out the back...and my bootay!

Cutaway Cardigan
ETA: The pattern is from, you can get it here.
Rowan Wool Cotton, Colorway Gypsy
Size 5 and 7 Needles

You may recall that the sleeves were too long and I needed to reknit the bottom ribbing. Since I needed to go back about 4 ½ inches on the sleeves, I ended up just lobbing about 2 inches off the bottom with scissors (yikes, that was scary), ripping from there and then reknitting. It actually saved me from a bit of a headache, but I wouldn’t recommend it for shorter amounts.

Overall, I wouldn’t mind it if the sweater had been a bit longer and fell more at my hips but otherwise, I think it turned out very well. The fiber combo (half cotton, half merino) makes it a nice layering weight and the lovely yarn made my stitches look very lovely and even. I’ve already gotten many compliments on this sweater and the ones from my fellow SnB’ers felt particularly good, as they knew what was involved in making it. It was a hassle in the end, but I feel that by making myself figure out the damn math for the sleeve caps and fix the length, it helped me become a more detail-oriented knitter. I’m so glad I stuck it out!

When I was in Pittsburgh, I celebrated my dad’s recovery as any good knitter would: by checking out the local yarn store scene. I was only able to quickly breeze through the new Knit 1 store, but it looked like it had the staple yarns that should be available in every city, including Cascade, Blue Sky Alpacas, and Rowan (can you believe Rowan wasn’t available there before this store opened??). While at Pittsburgh Knit and Bead, I did pick up a few goodies.


At left, Noro Gisha #101 on sale, baby! That will probably be for a scarf because I don’t know what else two skeins of ribbon yarn can be.

At right, one of the coolest yarns I’ve ever seen – Skacel Cherio. As you can see, there are little flowers and leaves printed right on the yarn! Very innovative, it’s surprising no one has thought of this before. It’s a pretty stiff yarn, so it will certainly become some sort of accessory.

And, in the interest of full disclosure, I made some impulse buys on before I left for my trip that arrived this past week.


Three skeins of Novelty Boutone in color Pocitos, intended to be my second attempt at Clapotis. Next to it, two skeins of the handspun bulky (which is really more of a heavy worsted weight) in Scarlet Aqua. It is a totally soft, luscious, airy yarn. I love it so much, I cuddle with it every once in a while, and sometimes put it over my head. Yup, I said it, whatcha gonna do about it?

Perhaps this loveliness was so irresistible that I already started a project with it. Perhaps…