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Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Lovely Time 

Nothing better than blogging while lying on a couch with a belly fully of tofurkey, sweet potats, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Cobra and I had our first Thanxgiving together this year and spent it with his mom (AMAZING cook) and family. It was comfortable in its uneventfulness, although I'm pretty bitter about having to work tomorrow. There's definitely a lot to be thankful for this year though, it was nice to have a day to lounge and take that thought in.

Of course, I'm thankful for my friends including those I've made through this little enterprise. I was lucky enough to be able to get together with my buddy Lolly and her hubster Kris (or as I like to call him, the K-man) this past Saturday.


We are slick city folks riding in taxi cabs.

We ate some yummy Ethipoian food (which I guess is becoming a tradition for us when we get together) then headed downtown for a very special show: a lecture by This American Life host Ira Glass!

For those unfamiliar, This American Life is a radio show on NPR that uses fiction and nonfiction stories to explore a particular theme every week. The stories run the gamut from hilariously funny to tearjearkingly sad. No matter what the topic, most times I listen to the show, I have some thought or story introduced by the show to share. I probably started listening to the show in 1998-ish on WYEP in Pittsburgh, and I've made listening to it on Saturday afternoons a priority ever since.

The live show used some of the elements of the show, including well-placed music and quotes from radio stories, to talk about the heart of storytelling in their show, the state of current journalism, FCC restrictions and how a show gets put together each other. It was hilarious and thought provoking. Plus, I loved finally being able to spend some quality time with the ultra-busy Lolly. I hope that next time I can see her Klaaralund and tough the Silk Garden, if she lets me.

As for my knitting, as I alluded last time, I started a new project with my new handspun: the Valentine's mitten set from Stitch n Bitch Nation.


They're awesome because the top is a flap, so I can still use my fingers when I need to.


The sweet part is when I pull the flap back, Cobra and I match. Two thumbs up, hehe. I shouldn't laugh at his misfortune, that's his hard cast from the accident and he still has to have it on for quite a few more weeks. It's not easy having your thumb immobilized but he's coped extremely well.

To help keep his spirits up, I finished his first Retro Rib sock.


He put it on and said,"it's like the perfect sock." Friend, it's not like the perfect sock, it IS the perfect sock. You'd better recognize.