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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Never Ending Cardi 

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you've committed some knitting sin that has thrown off your whole karma? Whether you have one simple project or many getting attention, they all seem to have some flaw. That's how I've been feeling lately, as none of my projects seem to be going quite right.

As you can see from the title, even though it only needed a few inches ripped out and one inch reknit in the sleeves, my Cutaway is still decidedly not finished. This is because ripping from a cast-on edge is not easy like ripping from the bound-off side is. In fact, it's very much uneasy. Particularly with ribbing. When I brought up my difficulty at last Thursday's Stitch N Bitch, one of the members said something about needing to cut my knitting when ripping from the beginning edge. Not wanting to pursue this course without other direction, I did a Google search. I found no information on the ripping (nothing to support the cutting, either), but a page did come up that showed that the Spiderweb Capelet pattern had a major error. Yeah, I'd say instructing the knitter to add 4 extra stitches with every motif that repeats at least 20 times every row is a major error.


So she will be ripped. Sigh, she'll look better on bigger needles anyway (did you notice she's posing with the crossword puzzle from the first issue of Men Knit?)

I then tried to focus my energy and attention on the Cutaway sleeves but found I had little to spare in both of those departments. Lately, I've been worrying, as my father has not been well. If my sentences have been stunted lately on this blog, this is probably the reason why. His prognosis is very optimistic and I’m certain that once the treatment process is over, he will be back to 100%, but getting there is difficult. He is having surgery tomorrow and I'm here with both him and my mom to support them as best I can. Trying to be strong for them in addition to myself has made me tired, though, and even takes a toll in my knitting.

So where have I found my solace lately? Certainly not in my Artfibers shawl, which may or may not be finished in this lifetime. It has come from my Socktoberfest socks, the Retro Ribs.

ribs in berries

This pattern is so much fun to knit. I don't even mind making the super-long cuff with them because they are so enjoyable. The stitch pattern keeps my fingers entertained while also being so easy to memorize that making it becomes so soothing.


Pleasant autumn days, surrounded by leaves peaking in their amazing colors that make me feel that I'm immersed in a world of gold and red, accompanied by a tall, sweet boy, have also been keeping my spirits up. And, to be really honest and vain, the little review of my site on DC blogs made me smile all day.

I finally tackled one of the Cutaway sleeves last night and found it not to be too bad once I set my mind to it. I'll be finishing the other and enjoying the repetition of my sock tomorrow while waiting in the hospital for news of my father’s outcome. Please keep him in your thoughts, he needs lots of good vibes.