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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I don't have many exciting pictures of knitting progress to show you, so instead I'll distract you with pictures of dogs.


This is Smokey, Cobra's brother's dog. When he was born, they originally named him Sinatra - Old Blue Eyes. He may look hard but he's actually a really loving dog. That is, unless you try to mess with Cobra's mom. Then, you'd better watch out, cuz you're going to get fucked up.


This is Cobra's roommate's dog, Lily. Here you see her shortly after she stole my toothbrush, which I found really, really funny. She is the strangest dog I've ever encountered and not just because she stole my toothbrush.

Otherwise, I've made some decent headway into the second Retro Rib sock. Do you think I'll have enough yarn left to finish it?


Clearly, I'm going to have a lot of this left when I finish the project. Here's the issue: I'm not actually a huge fan of the color. I really wouldn't want to wear anything in it. So, the leftovers are destined for some gift knitting. Maybe some socks from my dad since he liked the one I was making in this when I showed it to him. Lord knows he deserves some socks after the year he had. If I decide to make it, it surely won't be until later into next year.

Similarly sock related, I went to Stitch DC on Sunday and bought two little circulars to try socks that way. I looked around online and found some pretty good directions on how to do it and, frankly, it doesn't seem hard at all. Probably the last time I looked at the directions was before I'd even made socks and found the whole process intimidating. Now, I'm somewhat convinced I'm going to be able to whip them out in mere hours. I'm sure once I actually try it, my expectations will return to earthly proportions.

Speaking of expectations, as the year is now drawing to a close (holy fuck, how is tomorrow December?!?!), I'm also starting to think about projects I'd like to make in the coming year. I've been looking through some familiar sources lately, finding different patterns that I like and I'm trying to draw them together so I can at least have them all in one place; there's also a few yarns that I've been obsessed with setting a project for.


I've also finished reballing my Tess' yarn from my failed Clapotis attempt. The process of winding it, touching it, looking at the colors gave me an awesome idea for a sweater with it...a sweater of my own design. So, in the next few weeks, I'm going to crib off of Julia and make a 2006 knitting resolutions/aspirations list - lay out some definite projects to make, definite yarns to use, make myself actually complete a design. Anyone care to join me? Let us know in the comments, we can see if we live up to our own aspirations.