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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Under the Wire 

Well, Socktoberfest is officially over.

I hadn't anticipated finishing a pair during the month, but definitely thought that I'd be making headway into some. Well, that was before Cutaway started being, oh, problematic. But just to officially show that I'm not a Socktoberfest poseur, I did cast on a pair during the month of October.

rib start

They are Retro Ribs in Opal Batik on size 3 needles. Because I must be truly nutty, they're going to be boot socks for Cobra - and his size 13 feet. Oy. With these, I'm making as many concessions to speed as possible, such as going with the slightly larger needles and not doing a pattern over the instep, so that I can finish before Socktoberfest 2006. I may need reminders along the way as to why I'm doing this, so please feel free to provide them (or, in lieu of that, sweet alcoholic drinks could suffice). Cobra'd better love me forever after making these for him.

As promised, I did continue working on my cutaway sleeves. After doing extensive, exhausting math, I figured out the appropriate pattern for my sleeve caps and re-knit. I spent Saturday finishing the seaming, tasting the sweet nectar of victory. Then I tried the sweater on.

sleeves too long

The sleeves aren't just a little too long, they are multiple inches too long. The cuffs either fall over my hands or the whole sleeve gets baggy and loose around my elbows and wrists. It throws off the whole tailored, fitted look of the sweater. And so, I will soldier on, rip up the bottom of the sleeves and reknit the ribbing. Sigh. This time, I will hope that I'm actually near the en, but won't be overly-anxious. My excitement is now tempered with the hardship of experience.

After this bit of disappointment on Saturday, Cobra and I decided to forget knitting woes by going to a show/costume party in Baltimore. I'll show you a picture of us in our costumes with the disclaimer that we looked much, much better in person.

Cobra as Jack Skellington, me as Patsy Cline. See all that cool stuff behind us; the candelabra, the giant gears hanging from the ceiling, the big "trucks" sign in back? The party was held at this amazing store called Housewerks. It used to be a natural gas plant/station, then a stained glass workshop, and now is a store where they sell all of these salvaged items from old houses, restaurants and factories. I wanted to buy so much in there, especially the big, old mantels. Plus, some of the bands who played that night were amazing. Gave me hope for music these days. What does it mean that every time I go to Baltimore, I have a really cool experience that I probably couldn't have had in DC? It's a true conundrum.

Alright, less pondering, back to knitting and, hopefully, actually finishing something!