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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


The holidays technically have not started yet (although tomorrow is the Winter Solstice and I'm ready to celebrate the days getting longer) but I was lucky to be able to do some early celebrating with friends and family. It started on Saturday when I got together with lovely knitblogger friends Lauren and Heather. They were celebrating the end of their school semesters, less stress and other positive changes for the new year. I met up with them in Chinatown for lunch, and we had a delicious Thai meal while discussing Heather's sweet daughter, penguins and, of course, knitting.

Then, we metroed down to Capital Hill to check out the scene.


Lolly and H check out the treats at a cute dog boutique.

And, of course, we had to make the pilgrimage to the LYS, Stitch DC. I always find it funny that time just slips right through my fingers at a yarn store, even if it's a pretty small one. While there, we fondled many soft and lovely yarns.


Which one is softer and lovelier (and do you like my new haircut and color)?

Even though none of us really needed to buy yarn, we were all about three minutes from pulling out the credit cards (I was eyeing a skein of Alchemy Pagoda in a pretty blue colorway to make the Glam Kerchief [scroll down]). But then, Oh crap, we realized we were late and needed to get back to Maryland so that I could meet up with Cobra and drive to Pittsburgh.

We got off a bit later than I'd hoped but managed to get there in time for the graduation party for my friend I.


Here's a picture of her during our last adventure in Paris. She was there for a semester and I stayed with her for a week. This is her in a charming Parisian cafe, taking a break from the February cold; un cafe au lait et un chocolat chaud, s'il vous plait. This time, she's traveling all around Asia for about ten weeks. Though I'll miss her while she's gone, I'm glad I got to celebrate with her.

Cobra and I also had a little pre-Hanukkah celebration with my parents. We lit the candles, said the prayers and exchanged some little gifts. I got a few small things (including some Kleenex boxes with holographic rollerskating monkeys on them from my mom. You can't say I don't come by the weirdness naturally) and later got to choose two books for myself at Barnes and Noble. I chose Katharina Buss' Big Book of Knitting and the Rowan Vintage Knits book and I am loving them both!

I was also able to gift Cobra with his finished Retro Rib socks. Unfortunately, I was not able to snap a pic but I promise I'll put one up next time, including some that show their largesse.

Because I knew I was going to a place with an easily accessible washing machine that I could felt easily with, I put my knitting nose to the grindstone. I was able to quickly whip up the Sophie bag (PDF) from Mag Knits. For those of you who still need some last minute gifts, I'd highly recommend this bag, it could be knit in probably four hours total.

sophie prefelt

Here it is in the pre-felting form. I used some tapestry yarn I acquired last winter at an antiques store and I love the distinctive brownish-mauve color. The yarn gave the bag a fun, curly texture in its felt form and looked really lovely.


My mom admired it, and even though I'd already given her a few other gifts, I decided to give it to her. It was sad to part with it but fortunately, I have enough yarn left to make another one just like it. Then, I can be a purse twin with my mom. How hip.

Now I'm back in DC and looking forward to further celebrations in the coming week with Cobra's family. I hope that you have some fun times, too!