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Monday, January 09, 2006

2006 Aspirations 

We all know resolutions are often not realistic to live up and get broken by the third week in January. When looking towards my knitting for the coming year, I really want a place to just put down some of the ideas/obsessions I've had floating around in my head for a while. This is also an opportunity for me to see where I've started with projects, what I've been able to complete and what needs to be improved. So, I looked over at Julia's 2005 Aspirations and saw some wisdom when this very talented, experienced knitter and designer looked to put some limits on her knitting yet made the commitment to develop her skills. Many of my hopes for the coming year echo her sentiments.


I've got the basics down pretty well, I can do sweaters and socks, so this year I've like to see my projects expand on my knitting skillset and also to find the methods that work best for me. I'd like to continue to learn larger scale techniques like cabling or lace knitting but really, I feel like the smaller details, like short rows and learning different cast-ons and bind-offs will really make the difference in my finished products. Increasing my vocabulary within the specific technique is also a goal so I can find out, for instance, if I like cabling better with or without a cable needle. I've done this with two projects recently where, after using dpns for a year, I gave the two circulars a try as well as a half assed attempt at the magic loop (so far, I'm way like two circs the best). Overall, I don't want to feel like I'm ever totally done with one method, because there's probably more there.

The area where I most need to devote energy is with my finishing. I can do it but I feel like it always ends up looking kinda crappy. With my copy of the Big Book of Knitting in hand, I hope to excel!


This one is cribbed directly from Julia. 2005 was focused very much on myself as the kntting recipient (although I did just finish one big ass pair of gift socks); I don't think I did one charitable project. As I look over my stash and see that I have many odd balls hanging around, I'd see a perfect opportunity to warm others with my handiwork. Especially in the beginning part of this year, I would like to make some items for online projects like Tricoteuses Sans Frontieres and local programs like Food and Friends, Safe Shores and the Red Scarf Project.

In addition to charitable knitting, I'd also like to make more small projects for friends and family. 2005 was a particularly roller-coasters like for Famille Pink Monkey with the high of my brother's wedding and the lows of my dad's cancer treatment and the continued decline of my grandmother's mental capacity. The wedding gives me a new family member to knit for and the others, well, they give me the will to comfort others with my stitches as best as possible. I'll make it official and say that I'd like to have at least one giving project on the needles at all times.

Restoring Motivation

It's good to have a hobby but I've found that my desire to knit often trumps my desire to do other activities, both those that I like (i.e. going out in the city, seeing friends) and those that I don't (cleaning of any sort). This, combined with an increase in TV watching, has made me feel sluggish and lazy. I hope this year I will be motivated to and forced to keep the knitting in its place and catch up with some of my other hobbies, like reading, that have gone by the wayside. Hopefully, restarting my yoga practice and my upcoming Spanish class (starts Thursday!) will help in this area.


My stash isn't very large and I'd like to keep it that way. Honestly, I find the desire to just buy yarn for buying sake to be overconsumerist. Plus, I do not have the funds to just drop bills at yarn stores all the time. This year, I will aspire to keep my stash within reasonable bounds and not have more yarn that I could knit for a year in it. I will utilize two main yarn buying events: the Springwater Superbowl Sale and MD Sheep and Wool. Of course, I will allow myself to splurge every once in a while, as one of my others goals is to use new fibers, but keep it within reason.

Most of all, knit and have fun!

If these aspirations are too constraining, I'll just say fuck it, it's just knitting! It's my hobby, it doesn't need to be taken so damn seriously.

I was going to include a projects list below outlining finished knits I need to fix, how I want to knit my stash yarns and proejcts and fibers I want to utilize in the upcoming year. I started it and realized it would be really long and boring, so another aspiration will be to create my own list offline (otherwise I won't have any blog fodder for the rest of the year!) and let you know some of my interests.

What are you planning for 06 knitting?