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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Presenting the Fabulous Shawly! 


Shawly Aka Artfibers Wrap
Pattern: Adaptation of this one except with the increases in the center, not on the ends. This changed the shape of the shawl - more on that later.
Yarns: Rowan Calmer, color Oatmeal I believe (thanks Lolly!); Plymouth Encore, black; Artfibers Harlequin, Color #10 (pink and dark grey); Artfibers Cellini, Color #9 (black and grey); Silver slubby silk (?) gifted from my aunt, a remnant from her weaving days; Fantasy Yarns Cashmere blend Aran (the stuff that you can get at A.C. Moore), black.
Needle: Size 11 Denise
Time to complete: Forever and a day


While this garter stitch shawl was simple and fun in its varied striping, it didn't keep my attention very well and I let it languish over the past few months. I was also somewhat let down because my method of increasing (doing a matched pair of YO's in the center) actually made the shawl into more of a diamond shape than a triangle. For next time, I'll know that there must also be increases on the edges. This shape makes it a bit harder to wrap around myself than I would like but works fine with a brooch of some sort (or a binder clip like I used when I wore it to work). The extra part at the top wraps around my neck like a collar and looks cool.


Shawly made her debut on a beautiful day here in Washington, DC where the temperatures reached to 62 degrees! Cobra and I decided to take advantage of the bizarre yet welcome warmth by going for a nice, long bike ride. We parked behind the Lincoln Memorial, took our bkes out of the truck bed, and pedaled across the Memorial bridge toward the Mt. Vernon Trail.

This paved trail starts right across the Potomac from DC in Arlington and runs for almost 20 miles down to Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home/farm. It's a great route for an amateur like me since it's relatively flat and affords views of much beautiful scenary.

We biked for just a short time before we reached Gravelly Point, adjacent to National Airport (I refuse to acknowledge the Reagan part of its name). Apparantly, it's really popular to stop there and watch the planes taking off over your head. I found the crowd gathered there to be kind of strange, yet the most Wayne's World-esque moment of my whole life.


As we continued to ride, I saw a sign for Alexandria and saw that we weren't too far from Old Town. From that point on, th goal was singular: keep pedaling until I reach Knit Happens. That's a fair reward for all of that exertion, right?

I'm proud to say we perserved and made it all the way to the yarn shop, woo! We hung there for a bit and checked out some other Old Town Attractions.


Here's Cobra with his awesome cruiser in front of the Torpedo Factory, a former weapons manufactering center that's now dedicated to the arts. We didn't have time to go inside but I definitely want to go back to check out the current Chain of Purls Exhibit, which is of knitted and crocheted art items.

Eventually, we turned back and headed towards the city. The sun had started to set, so unfortunately it was colder and a nasty wind had picked up that we had to ride right into, making the return trip much more arduous.

It was worth it, though, because I had some magnificent views:


See the Capitol off in the distance there?

pretty sky

Although I was certainly tired and a bit sore when we got home, I was so proud of myself for riding the 12-16 miles (!). I hope I can continue that level of activity throughout the year for my health and because we had a really wonderful time (throwing those bonus yarn store trips in there as incentive don't hurt, either).

Here's hoping for more fun-filled weekend days!