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Friday, January 20, 2006


Damn, y'all, it's been a while! I'm happy to report that in the first almost three weeks of the year, I've been very successful in meeting my aspirations. I've been taking weekly yoga classes, hanging out with friends at home and around town, started a ten week Spanish class, and have been trying to cook more for myself and eat out less. I even took a chunk of time to just sit on my couch and enjoy words of the current book I'm reading, Paula by Isabel Allende. And, I have been working in snatches of knitting time but definitely not as much as before.

It's made me feel a bit like my brain has been broken up into little bits of dust that have been scattered to and fro.

Although, that's a bit dramatic and I definitely don't want to say that all of these activities haven't been good, but I really have felt less focused and just so gosh darn BUSY.

Most of all, I just really started to miss having long stretches of knitting time at home, on the couch, just relaxing. I missed blogging, too and all you awesome bloggers out there. I've found that with my increase in extracurricular extras, I've been, ahem, sneaking in a bit more reading time at work.

So, I'm going to continue to work more towards that equilibrium or thrive on the craziness. With time, I'm certain I'll find the pace that's right for me.

Of course, there were highlights in there that I must divulge (many with no photos, you'll just have to take my word for it). I had the great fortune of meeting up with the lovely Chelsea for an afternoon of sipping, chatting and sock knitting. I had met her briefly at MD Sheep and Wool but at this tete a tete, I was so pleased to see that she's a really put together, thoughtful person who carries herself with grace. She's in a transitional time in her life right now but I'm confident that she's going to get through it just fine.

I had to break off our chat to run home and get ready for Cobra's work party (they don't do it until after the holidays because, as a retail store, it's just too damn busy). I was expecting an elegant evening, as I was told we would be doing a dinner cruise of Baltimore's Inner Harbor and that it would be "semi-formal." Uh, let's just say I was a little let down by the whole thing. Really, it was like a bad wedding: a bunch of dressed up people you don't know taking advantage of the free drinks and embarrassing themselves on the dance floor to pathetically out of date music. My vegetarian meal was so bad that we went for pizza afterwards! Thankfully, being on the boat and taking in the Baltimore cityscape was fun and Cobra's coworkers are a lively crew - all motorcycle geeks who've traveled, are into music, etc. They saved what was otherwise a pretty lame night.

I also spent an afternoon with my buddy Susanne in which she kindly let me wind up all of my yarn with her new ballwinder and swift. Then, we wound some balls of off two Hugenormous cones she got at the Springwater sale last year for $2 and $3 a piece, and let me take some home.


Do you think she has enough to spare?

My stash has also grown a bit, although I haven't really bought any yarn in the new year. I successfully executed a trade with the very talented Laura and was really stunned by the beautiful sock-themed package she sent me:

sock package

Lilac soap handmade by one of her friends, Trekking XXL yarn, and size 3 circular, and two skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca sportweight. 100% alpaca, so divine!! All for a book. I'm still taken aback by her generosity and want to say, "Laura, skanks right back to ya! Hope to see you at the Springwater Sale!"

While walking around a huge chunk of the city one day, Cobra and I stopped in a little thrift store. I, of course, made a beeline to the sweaters and had a total score: this Gap sweater in awesome variegated, thick and thin yarn for only $4!

thrift sweater

I joyfully took it home and ripped it to pieces, then down to its essential yarn. I'm hoping to make something Teva-y or a vest out of it.

thrift yarn

My mom also bought me some yarn to make into my first Giving project of 2006. More on that later.

Speaking of projects, I didn't tell you I started a new one. In early December I had no choice but to buy some gorgeous Adrienne Vittadini Nadia yarn in the Black and White colorway. Its supple softness wouldn't stop calling to me, so I cast on for the Hot Lava Cardigan with it.

hot lava 1

Woops, I'm actually quite a bit farther than this. I've, uh, finished the shrug-type sleeves and I'm not knitting the body. My only hope is that it gets cold enough for me to able to wear this when I finish (but just for, like, a day and then it can go back to being 60 degrees).

I've also rounded the heal on the second Basic Cable sock and I'm heading into the home stretch.

Finally, I've also finished a UFO that was my albatross for quite a few months. Look for pics of it next time. Have a great weekend!