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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Birthday Month 

Monday marked the one month countdown to my birthday and I already know that it's shaping up to be a good one. I love having a spring birthday and having all of the new blooms and rejuvenation around me; it always makes me feel like the coming year will bring good things. This year I already know that I will be settling into my lovely new apartment with my love monkey, my aunt will be visiting and I'll be celebrating Passover (although not really celebrating because that would mean that I couldn't eat birthday cake. Yeah, I'm observant like that).

Many other bloggers have had contests to give away yarn and other fun prizes to countdown the weeks until their birthdays. Their generosity was certainly inspiring but I was struck by a different kind of giving. A few weeks ago, I cruised over to the afghans for Afghans website and saw the announcement that they are in desperate need of baby items for Afghani midwives. Wanting to stay true to my goal of having a giving project on the needles at all times and overwhelmed by the new stash I've gotten over the past few months, I thought I'd pitch in. I've decided to knit at least five items for this project before my birthday on April 13th. This may not seem like a lot but I'm not sure how much knitting time I'm going to have with a darn move stuck in the middle of it. I'm making decent progress already, with one hat finished.

Afghans for Afghans hat

I made this with the scraps from my Cutaway cardigan and Northern Lights socks. It's cute, but is it morbid to make a baby item with black? I mean, it's not the main color so it should be ok, right?

Speaking of finishing...

Hot Lava Cardigan

I finished my Hot Lava Cardigan a while back!
Clickez ici to see the back!

There are a few issues with this cardigan that make me feel a little self-conscious when I wear it, mainly the big poof in the back where the shrug section meets the front curved part. I still haven't blocked the sweater yet, mainly because I'm a little worried that it will make it too big but it might help with the poofiness. It's probably flattering, multiple people have told me that it is but I'm still a little unsure when I look in the mirror. On the positive side, I love the yarn, it is a soft dream to wear. It's a comfortable sweater that I can throw on with a simple outfit to make it instantly funky. It was also a very quick and fun knit - I really don't even remember doing a lot of the knitting on it because it went so smoothly (apart from a bit of a concern over a slightly large row gauge). If I were to make it again, I wouldn't make it with the knuckle length sleeves - I've made a few sweaters now with big/long sleeves and find them to be a pain when I'm eating or doing other messy things.

I also finished the first of my Trekking Socks:

First Trekking Sock

It's important that I note that I totally ripped off Claudia's idea for these socks when she made hers in the identical yarn. What can I say, I thought the picot edge was totally cute. The forecasters are predicting a rainy/snowy mix early this week despite the fact that spring will have officially started. So, I hope to make progress on the sock mate for this so I can get a little wear out of them before they have to hibernate for the warm season.

Next time, I hope to have my final bit of catch up by showing my other finished projects and what all is currently on the needles. Hopefully, there will also be more charity things and more boxes filled with my thoroughly organized and cleaned up stuff. Off to nurse the wee, wee, very wee cold I've caught, yuck.