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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tai Shan and the Horrible Debacle of the Couch 


A few months back, Cobra's aunt got a new couch for her living room and moved the old one down to her basement, telling Cobra that she was saving it for him. As we prepared for the move in, we thought that it would be good to take it as the cushions on my couch had a propensity for drooping to the point of implosion. Yes, it would be nice to start our new adult living situation together with a new, adult-style couch (as you can see, it's got a bit of a LOUD pattern but who says that doesn't suit us?)

In an effort to take one trip off the list for moving day, we decided to go pick up the new couch in Northern Virginia and load it into Cobra's truck on Sunday. It turned out that my good friend was also having a birthday dinner that night at a nearby restaurant, so we strapped the couch into the bed of the truck and headed off for a yummy Chinese meal. I had a bit of internal hesistation about leaving it outside unguarded but I thought it was my cynical side coming through and that the sofa would be fine.

We ate dinner and stopped afterwards to get gas. As I was sitting in the passenger side, waiting for Cobra to fill up, he suddenly tried to roll down my window and open my door very impatiently. "What is it?" I said.

"Someone fucking PUKED on our couch!"

I turned around and there was indeed a white puddle of puke on part of the couch's skirt and even more so in a significant part of the truck bed! Luckily for you, I'm not a bad (good?) enough blogger to take a picture of it to show to you. We weren't near any bars or anything, it's not like someone could have just stumbled over and WOOPS, I just spewed on your expensive piece of furniture. This had to have been intentional. Cobra kept saying how once again, people just prove themselves to be really shitty at heart. The crazy part is that we were parked in a strip mall in a pretty rich part of the area, so you know it was just some stupid fucking overprivileged teenager who has so much access to money he doesn't know what to do, so he goes around huffing paint fumes and PUKING ON FURNITURE THAT PEOPLE LEAVE IN THEIR CARS IN PARKING LOTS.

So, we angled the couch off the back of the truckbed and grabbed the garden hose that was luckily right near by at the gas station. We hosed the vomity area and luckily, the fabric appeared to be scotchguarded and all of the offending materials pretty much came right off. We later sprayed it with fabric cleaner and it think it's mostly back to normal. Some people, really...

The kicker is that we were trying to do a bit of a switcheroo to smooth the moving process: we took my old couch out of my apartment and brought it over to my friend Eric's house (Eric is such a fiber addict that he spins while sitting on the fountain in the middle of Dupont Circle. Ballsy, yes?). We then tried to move the new couch in to its temporary home in my apartment then will move it to the new place with the rest of the things next week. Tried being the operative word as it was too damn big to fit through the door of my new place. After trying many strategies to move it in, we just decided to let it hang out in the hall until moving day comes and it will surely fit into the new apartment. I just hope no one decides to pee on it in the meantime.

In happier news, during my lunch break on Tuesday, a few coworkers and I went to see Tai Shan, the baby panda at the National Zoo. All three of the pandas, baby, mom and dad, were passed the fuck out for pretty much the whole time we were there. They must have just been on a bamboo binge or something.

tai shan

This is the only picture I got of the little guy before my camera batteries died. He pretty much didn't move from this precarious spot except when we rubbed his face a bit later on when it started snowing a few minutes (yes, I said snow, I know I was all ecstatic about the flip flop weather a few weeks ago. The spring is just a little slow this year). He moved his little paw up to cover his nose and keep it from being too cold. It was pretty cute but we were a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see them being particularly active.

I wore my Northern Lights socks to the zoo.

Basic Cable Socks

Northen Lights Socks
Made from this Basic Cable Sock Pattern over at Brainylady's
made from Woolarina Merino Sportweight
Size 2 needles

These socks are nothing short of a treat for my feet. The bright colors stand out against the black background of the fabric and really pop, hence the Northern Lights name. The yarn is simply luscious and is holding up pretty well from the wear on my feet. Support your local dyers and spinners by buying some!

These socks were also my first on 2 circs and they secured my love for this technique. I'm not sure if it's actually faster than DPNs but it feels that way because you have to fiddle with the needles and yarn less. It makes for a smooth transition. Plus, it was particularly handy for this pattern because the danglind needle ends were particularly useful as cable needles. Overall, this is probably my favorite pair of socks yet. Fun and entertaining to make with a beautiful result.

As I alluded earlier, moving day is Tuesday. I think we should be getting some faster internet in right away but we'll see and I may be, you know, a little busy. Anyone want to help life a box or two?