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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Big Haul 

After I'm sure what was much anticipation, I'm proud to present my most wonderful stash acquisitions from MDSW. Voila!

the haul

Sigh, I'm so pleased with what I got. The pink is superwash Merino fingering yarn from Three Waters Farm in Aunt Maude's Mauve Colorway. You may recognize this from over at Cara's; she saw mine and made a beeline directly for the booth to get a hank of her own! I also got a bar of this farm's goat's milk soap in the orange clove sent after I saw a recommendation for it over at the Knitter's Review Forum and it smells lovely.

Directly behind that is a skein of Tess' Super Sock yarn in turquoise and purple. I'm excited to try out this yarn as I've heard Lolly give it numerous compliments. I have to say that I'm a big proponent of Tess; I first discovered their yarns when I went on a business trip to Maine. The superwash merino is beautiful and such a great buy - 570 yard of handdyed goodness for $30! Plus, it smells really good and has managed to retain that good smell for almost two years. I used that pink yarn into my boobholder (which I'm now reworking, incidentally) and bought another skein last year for my first, failed Clapotis (I've thought carefully about what to do with this yarn, it will have its day sometime). I made a point of recommending the superwash to just about everyone that I ran into at the festival but didn't get any myself. Why is that? Honestly, the colors of the yarn this year just didn't really appeal to me that much. There didn't seem to be as many variagates as there were last year, more solids in shades I shrugged at. The sock yarn did deliver some fun combinations, at least.

Lastly, behind you see nine skeins of silk/mohair/wool blend from Botanical Shades in Indigo Blue. This company is cool because all of their yarns are greenspun and all of the dyes are from natural materials. This droolworthy haul will become a pretty, feminine sweater.

After buying these, I felt pretty satisfied with my purchases but also like I wanted a little something more. One more beautiful sock yarn, something. Over at Brooks Farm, I considered getting some Kid Mohair but I waffled, walked away, came back and saw the colorway I was interested in was gone.

"The yarn gods are telling me I'm finished. This is meant to be," I said more than once.

Then, we stopped in the Kiparoo Farms booth on our way to the exit. I turned around, my heart pitter -pattered, my stomach dropped and I felt a little faint.

I was in love. So much in love that I ran back to the ATM in the main hall in 5 minutes flat, and just about threw my money at the cashier. All so I could get this:


Dontcha want to see a closeup of the yarn?

Seven skeins of their Midnight Sun in black and turquoise to make the Christiana's Path sweater. The sweater is styled kind of granny-esque in that photo but it's actually very vintagey, almost Victorian - very much like something Stefanie would design. I tried it on and even though the yarn is bulky, it accentuates my, ahem, assets. Mwah, I love it so much I want to kiss it. Also, I love how the label randomly says "skoll!" with an umlaut. This is definitely winter knitting as it's incredibly insulating.

All this buying made me realize I have a good bit of yarn now, so I'm off to knit it up at Stitch n Bitch!