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Thursday, May 18, 2006


This little piece of British Slang, as recounted by those lovely Mason-Dixon ladies in their book, is really a perfect description of my feeling towards knitbloggers at this moment. Their kindness and thoughtfulness can really surprise and remind you that there are still some salt of the earth people out there.

I have to give a shout-out to Zarah, who touched me so much with her generosity. You may recall that Cobra and I gave her a ride from DC most of the way up to MDS&W. You may also recall that we got stuck on the Beltway at a total standstill for an hour because of a bomb scare on a tour bus. Literally, the worst traffic situation I've ever been in during 6 years of living in DC. Could have been a hellesque situation but we made good company for each other, it was actually quite pleasant to have some space to chat. As a thank you for that ride, Zarah sent Cobra and I a gift card to the movies! She totally didn't have to but I'm so grateful to her for it. Zarah, you know that you're welcome back in the truck anytime you're back in DC!

Also, way way back, the lovely Claire (who you should go congratulate for just finishing law school) made a blog button for me totally of her own volition. You know, as if working, taking law school finals and preparing for the Bar weren't enough, she just up and decided to make me a button. It's over at the top right if you want to take it (using your own bandwidth, of course). Thank you so much, Claire!

The weather has been gloomy here lately (though not scary like it's been in New England) so Cobra and I have spent lots of time lounging around the ole apartimento. It's been nice, after having visitors and trips and excitement almost every weekend to just chill and do nothing. We're still slowly getting through Six Feet Under (just watched the first two episodes of season 4). Of course, this lounging has let me get lots of knitting time in, so I have many completions to parade in your computer screen.

trekking socks

Neapolitan Socks
Made from Trekking XXL, generously swapped to me by the Lovely Laura
size 1 needles
My basic improvised top down sock pattern with picot hemmed edge.

I actually finished the knitting on these about a month ago but I couldn't sew up the last toe because I lost my Chibi in the move. Stupid move. After some crazy shopping in the suburbs last weekend, I picked up another one and finished these puppies up. I find this colorway to be sort of unappealing, but I like it because of that. Is that weird?
Anyways, I wish that the picot had fallen on a different part of the patterning so you could see it better, but it's a nice top edge - it's a little stiff so it helps keep the socks from falling down.
I made a mistake with the second sock that you can see on the right one in the photo. Somehow, the gusset decrease ended up slanting up instead of down, and cut across my foot. I have no idea why that happened, any elucidation would be helpful.
Oh yeah, non-knitters were so. impressed. to see me making these because they thought it was some elaborate process to make the colors turn out that way. Suckas.

ballet t finished

Ballet T-shirt from Loop-d-Loop
Rowan Cotton Rope, Parma colorway
Size 10 (?) needles

I'd originally hoped to have this finished for MDS&W but my knitting was not speedy enough. Not confident the the 28" finished measurement would make it over my girls, I first re-gauged the pattern for my yarn then made it larger. Since this pattern is fairly intuitive, the modifcations were essentially math free and really easy. I used exactly 7 skeins and it's just at the length that I want. Cobra says it looks cute on me but I still haven't decided if it's flattering or fattering. It was fun to make sucha stripped-down, basic garment all in one piece. The Rowan Cotton Rope is a little splitty, but overall an underrated yarn - my guess is because the name has the word "rope" in it, and who wants to knit with that?

mdk washcloth

Mason-Dixon Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting
Lily Sugar and Cream yarn
Size 8 needles

I whipped this puppy out muy quickly, and it was a fun little project. My first washcloth! It's cute, colorful and pragmatic! I still have half a skein of yarn left, so another washcloth is certainly in my future. I used this to wipe off the counter tonight, it worked wonderfully and didn't get trashed afterwards like the paper towels I usually use. This one's for you, Earth.

My current projects should take a bit longer so that you'll actually see some progress, not just the finished result. My weekend starts early tomorrow as I get to leave work a few hours early, yes! Unfortunately, part of that time will be used to take a trip to the gyno, boo. I hope that your weekend doesn't involve your knee being pushed up to your ears - unless you want it to!