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Monday, May 08, 2006

This is the Dawning of the Age of the Sheep and Wool 

The age of the Sheep and Wool! I sang this to Cobra as we were waking up on Saturday morning out of pure excitement. And what an age it was! Last year was somewhat fraught with anxiety for me, both over not having money to make any purchases and over being nervous about meeting other bloggers. This year, I was just able to go with the flow, enjoy making some purchases and hanging out with folks and it really made the weekend turn out perfectly. I also went with a bit of a buying plan so I wasn't just overwhelmed by the pure amount of yarns there.

Unfortunately, the amount of fun I had was inversely proportional to the number of photos I took, so you'll have to take the bit that I've got here.

We started by picking up the lovely Zarah at the local metro station - she was vacationing in DC and, of course, couldn't miss out on this orgy of fiber! We got up to Columbia (after getting stuck in ridiculous Beltway traffic and sitting totally still for an hour) and met up with my girl Lolly. From there, it was a blur of fiber fondling, cash falling out of my wallet, yarn spontaneously jumping into my bag, and entering a bizarre universe where you see people whose faces and/or knitting you recognize and yet you don't really know them.

At the knit blogger meet up, there were So. Many. People. There was a big crew of us who gathered at one side of the lawn, then some folks that there was a whole other group on the other side. So, like 75-100 people all migrated over to join the huge groups of other bloggers on the other side and it was just one huge nest of bloggers. Huge!! I took a panoramic photo, perhaps it will get posted later.

the ladies looking

I finally got to meet Susanne, who lives just a few blocks from me in the city. I was so proud to introduce her to others as "my neighbor" and did so about 12 totally dorkish times. She joined us for our yarn finding adventures. I also had the pleasure of meeting two lovely ladies from North Carolina, Karen and Gray la Gran, who would have been fondling to Clapotis with abandon if only I'd worn it (it was too hot for a wool scarf). I also met Amanda and Jane, who were adorable with their blog business cards.

I had a little token of appreciation for Heather since she kindly gave us some high quali-tie boxes for the move. To thank her for the trouble she went to of dropping them off at Cobra's work, I presented her with this pink Buddha candle, pink so it will remind her of me.


She put it into her handknit sock for safe keeping.

After a few more hours of hardcore perusing, Lolly was kind enough to haul me to two more muy fun events; the first was the Knitbloggers Ball, kindly organized by MamaE. There I finally got to eat (I'd had some food earlier in the day but after all that standing and walking and overstimulation, I was tengoing mucho hambre!) and chat with MamaE's red-headed friend who's name I've forgotten(so sorry!), an up and coming knitwear designer named Griffin (blogless?) and the fabulous Jodi. I think that if I had worn my glasses, Jodi and I could have been semi-dopplegangers. We then headed off to a bit of a par-tay held in the ten person uber knitblogger suite including the MD crew and many out of town visitors. Unfortunately, we were too late for the presentation of sex toys but we did get to drink tasty appletinis, knit and chat. Again, I am grateful to Lolly for hauling my ass to the metro station so that I could get home safe and sound. Lolly, Jodi and I were all totally wiped out from the long day but I think we were dreaming happy sheep dreams that night.

I wasn't planning to return to the festival on Sunday but when I told Cobra about the culinary delights to be had there (particularly the kettle corn and eclairs) and about all the animals, he suggested we make a day of it. Of course, I didn't say no. Sunday was more focused on seeing the animals and other non-shopping activities. We got there just in time for the last sheep dog demo.

sheep dogs

Aggie is a pooch who is focused on her job.



You could tell that the animals were fairly agitated and freaked out by all the people around but they still charmed me. I could have watched/listened to the sheep baa-ing for hours, they way they stick their tongues out when they do it was very comical to me. It was interesting to touch the fleeces of the different breeds and feel the difference. For Cobra though, the bottom license plate frame made the whole trip worthwhile.


Sometimes it's hard to remember that I'm the younger one in the relationship.

So, if you've managed to read this far, you are probably hoping for a report on the stashing. Well, it will have to wait until tomorrow when I can get some pics in decent lighting. Be on the lookout for them, I got some great stuff...