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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Banks Where You Can't Make Withdrawals 

OBX mosaic

The title refers to the pun my father made when he was talking to me about our trip. Although we couldn't make any withdrawals at the Outer Banks, Cobra and I had a really wonderful time there just like last year.

When we first drove down that Saturday night, it seemed like there might be a hitch to the trip. I was hoping we'd be able to stay with a friend who lives along the way that night but I never heard from her, so we just decided to haul all the way down. When we arrived around midnight, we took a few minutes to do Cobra's favorite OBX activity: driving on the beach. It was an amazing moment because the stars were so bright and clear, we could actually see the Milky Way. Plus, there were some bioluminescent creatures in the sand so that everytime we took a step, it glowed. There were just beautiful glowing sparkles all around us. By the time we tore ourselves away from this spectacle, it was way late and, being a huge travel weekend, there was no vacancy at any of the motels or campsites we visited. It became comical after a while, we would pull into a place, see a "no vacancy" sign and turn right around. After seeing that the Cape Hatteras campsite was full along with the 10 other places we looked, we just drove back out onto the beach and luckily, found a group of vans parked out there. We pulled into the middle of the cars, pulled out our blankets, and slept in the bed of the pick-up. Surprisingly, more comfortable than it sounds.
After securing a motel room for the next night, the real fun began. The good part about this trip was that, in addition to the fun on the beach, the weather and the discovery of some new parts of the area got us to do some more varied activities. We played lots of Aerobie Sprint to get ourselves warmed up before going in the water. I read most of this book, and we also took some time to play up on the famous dunes that made the Wright Brothers famous. the two sand pictures above are from there, and here's a shot of the students at the hang gliding school practicing their take offs.

hang gliding school

We also spent some time at the attractions on Roanoke Island, which historically was the site of the first English colony in the New World in the late 1500's. We ate dinner, checked out some of the shops and wandered a bit around the waterfront park in Manteo. We also saw the beautiful flora at the Elizabethan Gardens and fauna at the NC Aquarium. Weren't we just the perfect tourists? We even had the perfect tourist fakey we're-having-so-much-fun smiles!

fakey pic

After a relaxing and delicioius stay at the Island House of Wanchese, we felt like we were gone from home for way more than three days. The area has some pretty strong contradictions - people there have money, but there's also a strong shall we say, lacking in class element. It has some really cheesy parts and there are cars all over parts of the beach, but it also has much protected natural beauty. Plus, I will never get over how strange the huge wooden beach "cottages" on stilts look, with strange balconies justting our everywhere and their unpainted wooden shingles. Despite all of this, the area turned me into a beach vacation lover, which I never was before.

Oh yeah, I did a few rows on my Orangina, but didn't make too much progress. I'll hopefully get some pics up this weekend. Have a good one.