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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sometimes I feel like this blog could be subtitled "summary of my weekends with no mention of the time in between," which I don't necessarily like but, ya know, I work during the week and stuff. Unfortunately this post will perpetuate that aspect but hey, a girl's got to show what she has pictures of, right?
You may have seen over at the aforementioned Lolly's place that we had a lovely time together getting a tasty lunch at Teaism and partaking in the Celebration of Textiles at the Textile Museum a bit back.


One of our commonalities: we cannot pass a doggie by without saying hello.

We got to the museum a bit late in the day so we unfortunately didn't have time to take in the current exhibitions. However, we did spend plenty of time in the tents set up in the back garden taking in and pondering the exhibitions of the different forms of textile craft, including weaving, dyeing, spinning, knitting and Oriental rug restoration. I was most fascinated by the Oriental rugs, as I had no idea that each individual tuft must be handknotted, causing each rug to take months to make. The tiny, precise work amazed me.


This weaving may appear to be a jumble of fibers and colors, but it actually contains a code for those who know how to look for it. A special loom that puts braille text into woven fabric was invented by a woman who works at a school for the blind in Maryland, as she was there explaining how it worked and how to decode the message. I didn't hear the full explanation but learned that this fabric says "Peace." Cool, eh?

Lolly and I made a quick stop Future Green to marvel at all of the eco-friendly home supplies and pick up a few gifts (including one for myself, a lovely set of Peace Fleece needles). That weekend was rounded out by a quick visit to a little health and neighborhood fair at a local park and a Sunday visit to Stitch n Bitch.

Zooming ahead to this past weekend (and ignoring the dinners out with co-workers, Thursday SnB at Caribou Coffee, and Shabbat dinner at Eric's house on Friday night), I got to do some amazing shopping on Saturday morning. It was extra special shopping, because there were about five yard sales going on around my neighborhood. Of course, I totally scored some cheap loot.

yard sale finds

A red leather jacket, a pin and an awesome adjustable dressmaker's (or knitter's) dummy, all for $26! I like to call the dummy my twin because it's mostly set to my measurement. I look to throw her in Cobra's face and freak him out. He says I totally have a better rack, though.

I also scored a great deal on a desk, which we spent most of Sunday setting up in our little office. It makes for a nice little workspace from where I'm now blogging. I'll put up some pics of that room and our whole little place when it's a bit more organized.

Of course, knitting has been progressing over at Casa Pink Monkey. Orangina is further along than when you last saw her, although I'm still on the front. I don't know if it's the lace or the needle size or what, but that project is a bit of a knitting black hole.

orangina progress

It looks different from everyone else's because it's made in the SWTC Bamboo yarn. At first I had a bit of a complex about this but now I like it.

My knitting monogamous ways have been challenged lately and my progress on this top was hampered by the fact that I - lo and behold - started another project.

dad's sock

I'm not feeling guilty for starting this because it's really an act of generosity - I'm knitting a pair of socks for my dad for father's day. They're the Thuja socks and they're made with a very subtly shaded color of Artyarns Supermerino. If you're looking for the best sock pattern EVER, I'd recommend this one. It goes so quickly and has some texture to it, but is very simple. It's like you knit thoughtlessly for a while and Woo, you end up with a sock.

Unfortunately, they're not going quite fast enough as I just cast on the second one today, so I think that this gift, like my mother's day one, will be tardy. It's the thought that counts, right? Especially with a handknit, right???

Um, before I quickly go back to knitting on the sock, I'll point your attention to the fact that both of these projects are blue. So, in an announcement that I'm sure will please Lolly to the bottom of her heart, I've decided to join the last 2 1/2 months of Project Spectrum. Hooray for being a joiner!