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Monday, June 26, 2006

Taking a Break from Building My Ark 

We're having some crazy flooding here in DC this week, starting last night after we received about 5 inches of rain. Thankfully, I haven't experienced much of the aftermath firsthand since my commute consists of a fifteen minute walk. Cobra just told me that a creek that's less than mile from my house flooded, causing a major parkway to close down. Traffic this morning was backed up past my place, so I believe it. My disclaimer: if I do have to use my ark, I will only be taking two of the cuddliest, cutest animals aboard. Sorry snakes, spiders, and mosquitoes. Hop on in, Tai Shan.

Why are we having such extreme weather here in DC and all over the country? Cobra and I found out part of the reason why on Saturday night when we saw An Inconvenient Truth. I enjoyed this movie not only because the scientific facts were presented in a very digestible and understandable way, but because the paints were couched in the story of Al Gore's passion for this issue. Rather than being boring or depressing, it made climate change into an engaging story. It inspired me to come right home and turn my A/C up!

I also escaped from the threat of storms on Saturday by getting off my lazy butt and taking a swim at the indoor pool at the local JCC. It was quiet, relaxing yet invigorating. I grew up in South Florida (sucks), so swimming pools were my second home for many years. I hope that once the weather clears up, I take advantage of the free DC public pools and get some more good water time in.

The biggest knitting news is that I finished my Father's Day Socks!
Socks for Father's Day

You can see detail of the seed stitch rib right HERE

They only arrived, ya know, a week late. I'm happy to say that my dad really appreciated my workmanship and the subtle shading of the handpainted yarn (although he did make a few cracks first - like "where's my lipstick." I ignored said comment). The next step is to make sure they fit, I'll check that for sure when I visit the family next month.

I also FINALLY finished the first side of Blue Windex and cast on for the second. Here, you can see that Busty Magee modeling it.


I told her it looked kinda slutty when she wears it without a tank underneath but she didn't listen to me. So headstrong. She's also wearing my boobholder, which I'm kinda sorta working on again. I'll talk about that sometime when I'm concentrating on it more.

Although I feel like Windex is taking so long, the positive thing about it is that I've gotten some muscle memory with knitting the pattern that I didn't expect. I always thought that I would have to at least half-consciously say the pattern to myself as I was knitting, but it's truly become second nature. This gives me hope that not only are my skills improving, but that I can move into more complex stitch pattern territory. Rockin'.

In the interest of full disclosure, I also wanted to show some recent stash acquisitions.


Ok, it looks like a lot but much of it was given to me as a gift. That huge ball of purple "yarn" (really, more like roving rope) and six skeins of America's alpacaa Classic Alpaca DK were given to me by an incredibly nice coworker. She was on an alpaca farm while on vacation in Oregon and knew she couldn't leave without getting me some yarn. This is in exchange for giving her some knitting lessons, which I'll do with pleasure! I have a perfect amount of alpaca in just the right gauge to make Ms. Marigold.

The Rowan Cotton Tape and Kidsilk Haze were obtained at a 2nd anniversary sale at Stitch DC. Lolly's gorgeous Carla sweater is so hip and inspiring that I decided to get the Cotton Tape at a closeout discount to...well, you know what they say about imitation. I'll hold off on casting on until August, for a Project Spectrum neutral-colored knit.

The book is Barbara Abbey's Complete Book of Knitting, which was a total score at a local used bookstore. It mostly has instruction but there are two sections that are particularly interesting: a whole part on knitting with ribbon and a fairly comprehensive stitch dictionary. That latter part has got the wheels moving in my head for some cool designs...

I'll hope that I have time to create all the designs I have in my head soon. Until then, I'm goin' back to knitting.